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    The offer is too good to be true. These paid to click sites are time wasters and do not deserve our efforts at all. It's better to forget about them. Any site that offers you $564 in a week is most likely a scam already. Don't fall for them.
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    Review CashTimeForum: Scam or legit

    I don't understand why they are saying your site is a scam site, but I just hope that it does not become so. I wish you the very best and it would be nice if you help us by keeping everything transparent so we could also help you by bringing in new members that would help to make your site...
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    Get Paid To Post on Trendri Forum

    Okay I wish to let you know that the 60 words requirement is too much for just 10 points we would be earning. You should try and reduce the word count or increase the payment per comment. I can't imagine typing a comment of at least 60 words only to earn 10 points, it is not fair. I would...
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    Get Paid To Post on Trendri Forum

    I have also experience same thing after I made a lengthy post not long ago.
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    Business Ideas Starting a Boutique business

    In my school here, owning a boutique is a very lucrative business venture. Most especially when you sell female wears. The girls here like to always buy the latest clothes, and this would mean more money for you. The boutique business really depends one's location as it's not profitable in rural...
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    Get Paid To Post on Trendri Forum

    This is a nice development by the admin. I believe things are going to work out for good on this site.
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    Payment approved 6TH PAYMENT PROOF

    This is real good news. I'm proud of you for always being transparent. Good luck to us all.
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    Payment approved 6TH PAYMENT PROOF

    After a long time of PTP being suspended, I received my payment of the balance I had then. @Fecoms sent $9.17 to my bank account Thanks
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    Announcement PTP Enabled

    This is a nice update we have been waiting for.
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    Get Paid To Get paid to watch promotional videos

    This is a scam site, please don't waste your time. I can't explain everything, you will find out your self.
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    How can unemployed person make money online?

    In this our present world, information is indeed Power and it would help you to achieve any fear. There are so many people ways to make money online and the most effective way is through learning one or two profitable skills that would help you to make money. Skills like copywriting, domain...
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    How to get paid from Picoworkers

    I have also registered on picoworkers last week and I saw an option of Payment through litecoin crypto currencies. I am still trying to understand the site though, because it's a bit confusing. One would need a laptop before being able to carry out tasks as fast as possible. It seems a very...
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    What are job opportunities available for someone who studied Industrial Chemistry?

    That is usually the major problem. One would have to think of going abroad before being able to explore those opportunities that you are talking about. Being from a developing country is not an easy thing to manage with. So many people have studied this course till post graduate level but there...
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    The advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies?

    I am more interested in the advantage of crypto currencies. Crypto currencies have made things very easy for those of us who are in countries where Payment gateway like PayPal. It has also helped us to claim our money from some earning websites. Crypto currencies make it easy for citizens to...