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    Is child care business profitable

    Yes. Child care business is very profitable. If you have the passion and calling of taking care of children then you are good to go. More so, you must be a well known person in the environment where you want to start the child care business because people will have to make sure they can trust...
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    Is running a bookshop profitable?

    Now a days bookshop has become something of the past for many people including me. Many of our public libraries in our local areas has gone empty and filled with only old books not even resent books are there. Many of our youths are no longer seeing library as a place to find books instead they...
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    Finance How can I start a school business without having money?

    Yes. It is definitely impossible to start up a school business without having good money because of so much responsibilities to take care of in the school. Payment of staff as at when due is very paramount too as nobody will stay loyal to you when you are not paying them well. I used it think...
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    Earn Money Is it really possible to make money online?

    To me, I know it is possible to make money online but you must be a hardworking person before you can achieve the point you wish to reach online. Online business is not for lazy people or impatient people. It really takes a lot of time to make real money online.
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    Is transporting fruits to the northern Nigeria a lucrative business?

    Hnnm.. That's a great point you have here. Of a truth, doing business in any part of the northern Nigeria may be difficult and scary because of the insurgency and so many happenings over there right now. Your suggestion about supplying fryits companies is also a good suggestion which I will look...
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    Is transporting fruits to the northern Nigeria a lucrative business?

    Thank you for the advice. That is why it is good to always ask questions before embarking on any business or investment. I never new the northerners do not really fancy fruits before. Now, with the eye opening you just gave me. I now understand that fruits business may not be as lucrative as I...
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    Is it possible for pensioners to get their pension allowance before retirement

    Well, keeping it in a cooperative society might be an option for the retirees because the problems that are associated with government and paying the retirees their pension as at when due has become so shameful in the country where I reside. Many of these retirees turn out to be very sick and...
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    Trading Discussion Greed is dangerous

    Well, talking about greed, I believe almost everybody is greedy Especially when it comes to making money. People will love to make more and more of it. No one will say it is enough until there is a red flag. That is why you see many politicians and very rich people keeps on looking for money...
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    Money saving tips for students

    Students can save money in so many ways. The points or tips you have mentioned is also correct. Students can save money by not spending extravagantly in school. Don't purchase things on campus where goods can be expensive instead, you can go to can be bought off campus at local markets where...
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    Starting a day-care business, what do I need to set up?

    My sister, I don't really think I can do it alone without the help of some well experienced people, I mean those that have had their own kids before and can take care of kids and can even understand the babies languages and actions. I haven't had my own children yet so I don't really know if I...
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    Starting a day-care business, what do I need to set up?

    Your point is very correct. You just nailed it. Children can really mess things up and they do things often. If you can't control them by having more than one staff will be very difficult. Then the facilities of taking care of the babies must be complete and well taken care of. Those morhers...
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    Starting a day-care business, what do I need to set up?

    Yes. You are very right about the day care service business not being a common business around due to the complexity of handling children. People may not want to give out there babies out to just any body. More so, I take the job as a spiritual job too. The money aspect of it is also very...
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    Things to consider before investing in someone else’s business

    To me, investing in another person's business is not wise at all. Since the person knows that he or she is the owner, he may not really see you as a partner no matter how much you invest in the business. If the business grows to some certain extent or level, he may pay you off so that he can the...
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    Payment approved second payment request

    Alert received. Thank you sir.
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    Payment approved second payment request

    Good evening admin please I want my payment of $4 into my bank account. Account name: Lawal Rebecca Oluwafunni Account number : 0164790929 Bank: Gtbank Thank you somuch.