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    Payment approved 6TH PAYMENT PROOF

    After a long time of PTP being suspended, I received my payment of the balance I had then. @Fecoms sent $9.17 to my bank account Thanks
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    Payment Request 5TH PAYMENT RECEIVED

    I requested for payment this afternoon and the admin has sent it. Thanks @Fecoms $12 was sent to me via bank transfer.
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    Asking for 5th Payment Request

    Hi @Fecoms I want to withdraw $10 out of the balance I have to my bank. My bank details in your PM. Thanks
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    Do you lend out money to friends?

    On certain occasions, we get to see some friends who come to request for money from us with the purpose of repaying whenever they have, but in most cases they do not repay the money. Things like this have caused a lot of problem between people who have been friends for a very long time and it...
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    Do you give beggars money?

    There are some people who have made begging their lifetime career and it is disheartening how they go about it, they tend to behave as though they are entitled to your money. You get to see someone who has got his complete hands and legs begging for money in the street when we have disabled...
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    Building an event center:a good way to make money?

    There are so many opportunities which different individuals could utilize to make as much money as they would want to, and I am thinking of building an event center as one of those ways to generate money for me. One thing about this business is that, it is not going to take much of my time, as I...
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    How much money is enough to sustain you for life?

    In our day to day activities, we get to spend money on things that we need and also the ones that we do not need. To be more clear here, things we need are the ones we cannot help afford to do without, we are always working hard to get money and meet those needs so as to ensure those needs are...
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    Why do scam sites offer sign up bonus?

    In my little period of making money online, I have realized that most scam websites tend to offer sign up bonuses to their members to convince them to register and also refer some of their friends too to join them and earn, this would then make it difficult for you to realize fast that they are...
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    How often do you take break from online work?

    The only online work that I am doing is writing on paid to post websites and it could be really frustrating at times, especially when you want to join multiple websites to boost your earnings. Some times, I start feeling dizzy after working from morning till Evening time. I have seen some of...
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    It is easy to switch careers?

    There are situations where people tend to develop passion for something else outside what they may have studied in school and this makes them to not use their certificate again after graduation. They tend to shift focus to fields like programming, software development, and related fields which...
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    What are job opportunities available for someone who studied Industrial Chemistry?

    Someone that I know is studying this course and he is beginning to think that there are no job opportunities available for his course and trying to say that his four years in the university is going to be a complete waste of time. I was trying to let him know that opportunities could come up...
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    Are Medical courses overrated?

    In my country, you get to see q lot of youths who want to become medical practitioners in the future. In fact, when it is time for university admission, a very high percentage of science high school students choose medical courses as their first choice. Though only a few make it at the end, but...
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    Are teachers underpaid in your country?

    In my country, it is very hard to see a little child who wants to become a teacher in the future, most of them are thinking of becoming doctors, engineers, lawyers, economists and all that, it would be very difficult to see one who wants to be a teacher. This is not unconnected to the way...
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    What stopped you from purchasing crypto currencies when they were still cheap?

    I got to know about crypto currencies last year after I joined my first paid to post website and was told I would need a crypto currency Wallet to be receiving my payments. As time went on, I was able to see some good potentials in crypto currency and developed interest in investing some of my...
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    Will more countries ban crypto currency transactions?

    A lot of countries have already banned crypto currency transactions, with the latest being Nigeria whose central bank released a circular last Saturday telling all banks to block any account that is traced to carry out crypto currency transactions. Following this directive, all the exchange...
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    How hard is tracing crypto currency transactions?

    Some countries have continue to express concern with the way crypto currencies tend to provide a safe haven for criminals to carryout transactions without getting caught and some of these countries have even gone to the extreme by banning crypto currency transactions because they are afraid...
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    Is POS business risky?

    POS business is one in which you help people to avoid the stress of going to Bank to deposit and withdraw money, you use their cards to carry out transactions on their behalf while they pay you a commission after successful transaction. This business is a profitable one, especially if you are...
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    How banking institutions aid scams.

    Banking institutions are supposed to ensure the safety of one's money without allowing us to lose our money to scammers. However, there are times where these banks fail in their responsibility and customers are left to their own fate. The way things happen would make you think that the banks are...
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    Are there businesses that do not require marketing?

    Marketing is an important aspect of business, and it goes a long way in determining the success of a business. Some businesses have been existing for a long time, but lack of marketing has made it hard for the owners to make meaningful profit from it, thus remaining in the same state without...
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    Is crypto currency a threat to banks?

    Crypto currencies are decentralized, and this implies no country's central bank can directly regulate how crypto currencies are handled, and this makes it a safe haven for citizens who are already tired with the way banks operate. Most of these banks are interested in using our money to do their...