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  1. Juen15

    EarnKeys - Free Steam Games, Make money, Play online games

    Will I get rewards for the games I play on your site? I have registered with the username: Juen15
  2. Juen15

    SCAM TCPGaming Forum

    Can't to confirm my email.
  3. Juen15

    Get Paid To Post on Trendri Forum

    This is a lot. Even from all forum sites. 300 words?
  4. Juen15

    My Tsu Income

    You may have known me from this forum when this forum didn't give rewards for every post. Can I join your group or your circle of members who are very supportive of each member? This is quite interesting. Help each other in matters of kindness. I hope I can also earn more in tsu app and can...
  5. Juen15

    Asking for 4 th Payment Request

    Hi admin. I want to withdraw my earnings worth $ 3.01 via paypal. Email paypal : Thanks admin.
  6. Juen15

    Review Don't ever believe in these paid to view videos sites with this ending URL...

    You are right. I have registered on the site with the end of xyz. I made $ 200 from the site by watching videos. I was interested in the site because there was a review on the site saying that he got paid from that site. I contacted him by email and said it's true he got paid. I watch...
  7. Juen15

    My Tsu Income

    I've been using this app for quite a while. But even I don't get $ 1 as long as I join the tsu social application. After the earnings information update, the highest earning amount was only $ 0.06 +. If you have made a withdrawal and received your money. How do you earn there? I want to...
  8. Juen15

    New way to earn money : Get paid to post & comment in a forum ! Very easy.

    The admin will usually remind you about your mistake. I hope you can withdraw your income from trendry. Admin and staff are quite good in my opinion. I also found that kind of response on bizdustry. I was very active at the time making $ 2 less than 10 days and had quite a few referrals. I...
  9. Juen15

    New way to earn money : Get paid to post & comment in a forum ! Very easy.

    But I am very lucky to have joined Dimefrum site. Why? Because I found information about the bizdustry forum after a friend told me about bizdustry, he might know bizdustry from a member of the dieforum. Actually I have registered in theizdustry before the forum was owned by Alexander. So in...
  10. Juen15

    What Can Make You Quit PTC Websites?

    The reason I left or was not active on paid to click or PTC sites was because the income was not worth my time. Indeed, PTC sites provide small rewards because of a very easy task, which is to see only advertisements. But the time spent waiting for commercials bore me. There are even some PTC...
  11. Juen15

    Announcement Post Daily Limit

    I don't think so. For the first 20 posts, an important point that you should pay attention to is that the initial 20 posts cannot be spam or break the rules.
  12. Juen15

    New way to earn money : Get paid to post & comment in a forum ! Very easy.

    Dimeforum is my second forum after beermoneyforum. Initially, Dimeforum was not like now, which only gave posts every 3 hours. As I explained above, Dimeforum has lost the trust of its members. It's hard to convince them again that Dimeforum is still paying. You are lucky to find information...
  13. Juen15

    Making Money with Trendri

    It can be a little difficult for a beginner or someone who is new to paid sites to post on forums, like on trendy. 80 - 100 words in my opinion is quite a lot in terms of responses, but it is very natural for threads, because threads should provide information that forum members usually need...
  14. Juen15

    Review Fruit Spear Review: Legit or Scam

    WHAT IS FRUIT SPEAR ? Fruit spear is an application get paid to playing game. The game that is played is to cut the fruit with a certain number of spears. This app is rated 4.3 in playstore with 1000+ downloads. HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH FRUIT SPEAR ? To make money with this application, users...
  15. Juen15

    New way to earn money : Get paid to post & comment in a forum ! Very easy.

    Initially Dimeforum paid quite well to its members. But as time goes by, the admin seems to be having trouble setting up his own forum, it might be natural, he works alone there making the forum not well maintained. Even the admin rarely communicates with the members. They make payments via...
  16. Juen15

    Get Paid To Get Paid To Read Email With Inboxcash

    The payoff for every email a member receives is very small. That number is even less than sites that pay to read similar emails, volutic, clickgenie or the like. But the minimum withdrawal is very small, which is only $ 0.01 via payeer. For other withdrawal options, there are several there...
  17. Juen15

    Get Paid To You will get paid to comment for the tasks you do with PROOF: Network Bulkcomments

    It's quite interesting, I hope I can join you in working there. But how do you work in detail there? Is that the same way forum sites work? Invite friends, post or respond to posts? I hope to get more information so there is no confusion after joining there. Also I still don't know how to...
  18. Juen15

    Get Paid To New get paid to post forum!

    You can discuss payment options with the admin of the Gptforum forum. Maybe he will be able to send other payments apart from paypal. The requirement to verify your account at gptforum is a photo of you holding the code given by the forum, I have explained that in my previous response. But...
  19. Juen15

    I received the payment from Neevo ( task-based site): About 6$ earned in a day...

    I have registered there. But I haven't got any assignments from that site. I also don't know how the site works, because I haven't received anything, notifications, or other update information. I hope you provide information to us so that the site gives us the task of being able to produce...
  20. Juen15

    Get Paid To New get paid to post forum!

    I am an early member of a new forum, Gptforum. I was quite active there when I just signed up for my first payment. There it may be explained that the minimum withdrawal is 1000 points or $ 10 worth. But I have got my first payment with 100 points or $ 1 via paypal. That is the first payment...