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  1. Augusta

    Home-baked bread for sale

    You just reminded me of the high cost of bread in my locality. And I think it high time I learn to bake this bread so that It will be save me the headache of this incredible high cost.Yes, sales of bread now is very lucrative as it is a staple in most homes
  2. Augusta

    Don't take investment advice from poor people!

    Do you know most rich people around were once very poor and built their conglomerate from scratch. Sometimes being wealthy isn’t from other people’s knowledge but from personal experience. It would have better to say that one should seek business information from successful business owners. This...
  3. Augusta

    Lazy Income Earning. $210 in 12hours a day.

    All these new members with bogus claims. I think you all should try. Posting these opportunities with a payment proof to convince us better. I can't just be lured with premium pay that might just be a figment of someone imagination.please tell people what this is all about to convince us
  4. Augusta

    Online Jobs, Work from Home

    We want us to be interested in what we do know what it is all about. No mention of the site or what it is all about. It just the premium pay and that's it. Please provide more information so that people can decide if they need to join or not. Your information here is way too scanty
  5. Augusta

    Earn Money New Technique to Earn 30 - 150 Dollars Daily

    This your post isn't convincing enough. You would have at least posted what it is all about. Have you been paid by the site what's the minimum payout? Is this site as legit as you make it sound. Please give more information about the site to lure people. It will help
  6. Augusta

    Do we need men of God to choose a business idea for us

    I wouldn't your mum because the truth is whatever we believe in work for us, so it might just be what she believe will help you get God ordained business for you. It isn't a bad idea to me though. But if you think it isn't necessary for you to meet the man of God then let your mom know.then go...
  7. Augusta

    Brokering a cake for occasions

    This is a good way of making money off another skill or talents. I. Like that the relationship is going smooth because a lot of people don't keep to their own side of the bargain. When once all parties involved in a deal keeps to the rules business like this progresses better
  8. Augusta

    Business Ideas Do you see affiliate marketing as best way to market product

    Affiliate marketing for me is just a way of promoting and selling a product. The good thing is that it affords one the ability to have a business without having to start off with capital. So that's one thing I like about affiliate program. But being the best business strategy I don't think so
  9. Augusta

    Business Ideas How do you handle bad customers

    Humans are bound to show bad character wherever they found themselves so people needs to realize this. For me I will continue to be friendly even to a difficult customer. Customers are Kings so I will treat them with kindness to aid them return back to buy no need fighting ones Customers
  10. Augusta

    How to naturally detox your body

    You are right, the body is just like any other thing we hold dear in our life and we need to treat it with caution and do the best for it. Detoxing the body will help it function better than when it has all the toxin in it. So using the simple and natural process we know can be just what we need...
  11. Augusta

    How to easily transition to your natural hair

    Yeah it never easy to keep the natural hair, same with even trying to transition from the permed one to the natural again. Some people go all out In cutting it totally off. But it never necessary if one can follow little process like this. It can be achieved as anticipated
  12. Augusta

    See 3 top reasons to eat fruit salad more often

    Yeah you are right, fruits can help in the digestion and getting rid of toxin in the body. It also aids in bowel movement especially for one suffering from constipation. One thing is the ability of the fruits to fill one up and keep one satisfied for a long time
  13. Augusta

    How to easily transition to your natural hair

    Do you want to stop adding chemicals to your hair to make it go back to its natural state? Then you can do these simple things to get it done without stress. You don’t need to chop off the whole hair; you can just trim the spilt end of your hair Comb out the tangles part but first soften the...
  14. Augusta

    See 3 top reasons to eat fruit salad more often

    I love to munch on my fruit salad as often as I can because of the health benefits herein. Apart from keeping me really full for a long time, this keeps me away from taking in more calories from other foods. It helps improve my health and well-being. The below are the health reasons you should...
  15. Augusta

    How to naturally detox your body

    You know it is always good to get rid of your body toxins to boost your health and maybe loss weight. In as such the body has it ways of detoxing without any help but you can enhance it too. So if you need to rejuvenate the body through detoxification then you can do the following simple things...
  16. Augusta

    Simple ways to get exercise into your daily routine

    I’m one person that can be very lazy when it comes to exercising, but I want to stay fit and maybe lose a pound or two. So I try to do things that will still let me get some exercises into my daily routine. It mustn’t be about going to the gym or having a scheduled time to exercise. You can do...
  17. Augusta

    How to care for your skin without using products

    The skin is the largest part of the body since it covers everywhere. You would be doing it a world of good if you avoid using harsh chemicals or products on it. You can achieve this by naturally caring for your skin. The following ways can help you achieve this: Take about 8 glasses of water...
  18. Augusta

    Earn Money If you are to choose an earning website. Which one will you choose?

    I will go with trendri when it comes to posting forums though the pay was a lot better before now but it all good because we are still earning from it and I like the fast payment by the admin. It really encouraging to work more on the site.i pray the admin will continue to pay on time and be...
  19. Augusta

    Earn Money How long do you work online and how much you earn?

    Yeah spending 3-4 hours on the internet and getting a dollar or two is slave labor this is because of the sites and the tasks you are working on. Commenting on just. Forums will not get you good money online. This is why it is good to acquire skill. I think I spend same with gaining a dollar too
  20. Augusta

    Earn Money Conducting an Online Training, Would it Be a Good Way to Earn?

    I always say whatever we set our minds to achieve is doable. Others have done it and became successful with it. So you can also succeed at it. You just need to study how it works and set everything up then start. Avoid procratination it never helps, put your mind to it and it will be a success