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  1. funmi

    Payment approved second payment request

    Good evening admin please I want my payment of $4 into my bank account. Account name: Lawal Rebecca Oluwafunni Account number : 0164790929 Bank: Gtbank Thank you somuch.
  2. funmi

    Starting a day-care business, what do I need to set up?

    As a teacher by profession, I believe I can set up a day - care for myself one day. But if am going to do that, I don't know how to start and how much it will cost me. Though, am not so used to children's things and I don't know if I can take care of babies by myself yet. So, if I set it up...
  3. funmi

    Is transporting fruits to the northern Nigeria a lucrative business?

    Today, myself and a friend where talking about different businesses across Nigeria and he mentioned one that strucked my mind if it may be good or not. I can not answer if this business will really make sense or not. I believe that there are some fruits in southern part of Nigeria that are very...
  4. funmi

    why are customers not always faithful when they buy things on credit?

    This questions has been on my mind for a long time now. I don't know if this happens to other people but I have noticed that many of my customers have not been faithful with their promises when ever they buy goods on credit from me. I have like two customers that does not pay at the given time...
  5. funmi

    Finance How can I start a school business without having money?

    As a professional teacher with more than 7years of experience, I think it is high time to set up ones own school business. Due to the passion I have for the job, I think it is good to have a legacy of my own. Apart from having a legacy, it is high time I stopped being underpaid and over used by...
  6. funmi

    Business Ideas is electrical materials business profitable?

    I discovered that there is a business that is not really common in my area where am staying. This business is buying and selling electrical materials like bulb, electrical wires, switches, screws and so on. What made me to realized this was when I needed some electrical materials in my house...
  7. funmi

    why are teachers not being paid well for there jobs?

    In Nigeria, teachers from the primary and secondary schools are not always considered as real workers. Especially those working in the private sectors. Teachers teaching children in the primary and secondary schools are the ones doing more jobs and being stressed out. But unfortunately, they...
  8. funmi

    is cooked foods business really profitable?

    Now a days, I see so many food joints in my area and even out side my area, this makes me to start thinking about this kind of business. Though, I don't really know if selling of cooked foods is profitable or not. But what I do know is that many people are going into it right now. Just today...
  9. funmi

    Are customers always right indeed?

    There is this general saying that I grew up to know and hear from people that " customers are always right". Many people believe in this quote and this quote has made business owners not to be in total control of their businesses. That is why I have actually brought this topic up to ask people...
  10. funmi

    Is Palm oil production a good Business?

    Palm oil is a very useful ingredient in making foods in Nigeria and some other Africa countries. If it is well produced, it is good in making foods like soup, cooking beans, stew and many more. Production of palm oil is not that easy because it involves alot of processes and it is time taking...
  11. funmi

    Starting a Cassava Business

    Cassava is a farm product. It has many uses, the things that we use cassava for is very much. All the parts of cassava is very useful. Starting from the back or the peel of cassava is used to feed animals like goats. After peeling, the real cassava itself can be used to make garri, it can be...
  12. funmi

    Have you heard about JBX coin? will it be worth 1 dollar?

    JBOX application similar to Tictok is giving away free JBX coin by watching videos and posting/creating video content for the app and in return paying JBX coin into your application account which you can withdraw in Ethereum. At present the value of JBX is very low will it be worth 1$ in...
  13. funmi

    Payment approved My first payment request

    Hello, Please I want to withdraw my $4 into my gtbank bank account. Account name: lawal Rebecca Oluwafunmi Account number: 0164790929. Bank : guarantee trust bank Thank you.
  14. funmi

    will it become impossible to mine cryptocurrencies in the future?

    Mining cryptocurrency is one of the easiest and most common ways by which to earn the various coins, and with the prices of cryptocurrency increasing drastically over the last few months it is not uncommon for people to get infested into mining. In fact there are many people that are looking to...
  15. funmi

    Do you know you can mine doge coin and make withdrawal every day?

    This is a new welcoming development, i also have one site's where yo can earn up to 3doge daily and withdraw a minimum pay outof 5dogecoin while you can also mine your coin there. Many of my friends has confirmed that it is possible to mine and earn dogecoin and withdraw on a daily basis. I've...
  16. funmi

    will the dogecoin eventually make it way to the moon?

    Concerning if Doge coin will eventually find its way to the moon. Well, I strongly believe that the crypto currency called Doge coin will make a rise sooner than we all expected, the coin has a great potential and also have one of the richest man in the world in support of the coin, so I believe...
  17. funmi

    Tron coin vs. dogecoin vs. XRP

    Dogecoin to Tron can be done at current rates as well as at historical rates – to do this, select the desired exchange rate date. Today’s date is set by default. Additionally, the currency calculator shows the closing rate of the previous day as well as the highest and lowest rates of the...
  18. funmi

    Doge or Tron,which investment is not risky and profitable?

    As analysts expect, Dogecoin is a high-value investment for 2021. There was a mistake. Dogecoin intends for this year itself to become the standard cryptograph for commercial paying transactions, contributing to higher revenues. The DOGE adoption rate has increased following the live...
  19. funmi

    most risky business you know are still profitable

    I consider those people runing a P.O.S business to be very risky mostly if you are living far from banking envoronment and far from the city centre. It can be so challenging and risky aswel despite the fact that they are very risky they are aswel very lucrative but the tactics most of them use...
  20. funmi

    what is the most risky investment you have ever invested in?

    Many of us high have made real risky investments so I just want to hear people's experience and probably what made them make such investments. Mine was in 2017, I invested in a ponzi website called MMM whereby you invest an amount of money and you get more than double of it within a month. I...