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  1. Donkiz

    Difference between Banker and Bank worker

    You are very correct, and normally what you said is what should be obtainable in a working society, but the question here is are most of our societies working? That was why I stated that in developed economies this outsourcing thing is very rare and better managed, while some developing...
  2. Donkiz

    Wholesale business.

    Buying goods in wholesale and selling them to retailers is a very lucrative business, though when you check the profit made from each single item sold to a retailer you will notice that the profit's not really much, but when those little profits are summed together you will see that it's huge...
  3. Donkiz

    Managing your Money

    The major thing about managing your finance is having financial discipline, there are some people that are reckless in spending to the extent that no matter how much they make on monthly basis, they won't be able to save a dime from it. Being able to streamline your spending by making a budget...
  4. Donkiz

    2 Tips for a Successful Career

    In choosing a career path it's very important that we go along with what we are passionate about, this is very important because when you are earning a living from doing something that you love, then work becomes fun and you will always look forward to the next working day. I know that this is...
  5. Donkiz

    Recycling waste materials

    Recycling is a big and underrated business, there are good income potentials if we are able to unlock and harness all the possibilities that comes with recycling business. Apart from making money by using waste products as raw materials to produce something good, it helps to improve our health...
  6. Donkiz

    Are there legit online sites?

    When I started doing online jobs I encountered different types of issues with lots of sites, some sites will not allow you to register simply because you are not from their favored region or country, while some will allow you to complete the registration process and join the platform only for...
  7. Donkiz

    Promoting your Business on Social Media

    This actually depends on how active you are on these social media platforms, if you are more active on Twitter, normally you will be expected to have more followers in Twitter than in any other social media platforms, but that does not diminish the importance of the few followers and subscribers...
  8. Donkiz

    What other ways do you make money online?

    I have tried different online platforms and most of them didn't yield anything positive, at first I was more focused on airdrops, survey sites, faucets sites and paid-to-click sites. When it became obvious that it's not working, I tried moving over to dropshipping, but couldn't get a trusted...
  9. Donkiz

    Breaking: Ethereum explodes to new yearly high, validating upward price action

    In cryptocurrency business, price movements are normal and expected. With the high price of bitcoin is expected that some investors will start looking for altcoins to invest in and ethereum is surely the next most attractive coins after bitcoin. This price increase is actually a signal that...
  10. Donkiz

    Plan your Spending

    There are two types of expenses, one is planned expenses while the other is unplanned expenses. Planned expenses are things that you know that you will have to spend money on like paying for utilities, cooking, rent, etc, these can be budgeted for. For the unplanned expenses, these are things...
  11. Donkiz

    Protect your Personal Data

    Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for loopholes in the system that they can maximize to steal vital information from their victims. Even when organizations and individuals are spending lots of money, energy and time to ensure that their information are protected, yet that doesn't deter...
  12. Donkiz

    How do you prefer your pension to be paid??

    Lots of people will prefer to receive their pension in one lump just like the way gratuities are processed, but the fact is that in most countries you don't really have a say on how your pension is paid. In my country, there are two set of individuals that receives pension, one is government...
  13. Donkiz

    Payment proof First Payment Received

    I acknowledge the receipt of my first payout from this platform. I'm grateful to the admins for the opportunity to be part of this initiative, and I'm looking forward to more productive stay here. Thank you.
  14. Donkiz

    Asking for First payout request

    I wish to request for a payment of $6.50 to my local bank account. The details of my account will be sent to you via direct message. Thank you
  15. Donkiz

    Tax on Freelance Income

    With the effects of the pandemic on the economy it's obvious that governments will go at every length to look for ways to tax more people who they believe are making good money, and freelancers falls into this category. The best way for government to achieve this is if they can go through the...
  16. Donkiz

    Is cryptocurrency the future currency of the world?

    Cryptocurrency has come to stay, more people and organizations are beginning to embrace cryptocurrency investments and are gradually accepting it as a means of payment, and these have increased the popularity and acceptability of cryptocurrency. Even with all these milestones and achievements...
  17. Donkiz

    Covid-19 awareness

    We all know that covid-19 is a highly infectious disease, hence it's ability to spread rapidly all over the world, lots of lives have been lost to the pandemic and there have lots of hospitalizations, with businesses and economies having a direct hit from the pandemic. While most governments...
  18. Donkiz

    Must a business have an online marketing presence before it can thrive?

    This depends on what the owner of the business wants, if the business is a home business that is owned by a non ambitious person who's target is just to sell his/her business to people within the locality only then there's no need for online presence. But if the owner wants the business to go...
  19. Donkiz

    To increase Website Traffic

    There are different ways to get traffic to your website, one of them is through social media platforms. You can get good traffic from social media platforms by advertising your site and putting your site link on your handles for people to visit your site, you can also promote your ads for wider...
  20. Donkiz

    What do you do to make money online

    The lockdown which was as a result of covid-19 pandemic made more people to move online in search of online jobs that they can earn some token from to be able to sustain themselves. It was same period that I started doing online jobs, I have tried different types of sites and programs but most...