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  1. Jasmine

    Crypto How to Become a Millionaire by Investing in Cryptocurrency?

    You might have heard about how ordinary people became super rich by investing in crypto currencies. If you are wondering how they did this, here is one tip that I can give you. Invest early on. Invest in the coin before it becomes viral. In January, the price of dogecoin was just about 0.004...
  2. Jasmine

    Digital marketing How to Do Media Segmentation for Your Marketing Plan

    Marketing involves running ads and publishing promotional materials on mass media platforms like radio, television, newspapers, and the internet. In order to find out which platform will give you highest result, you need to do media segmentation for your customers. Here are the key pointers...
  3. Jasmine

    Traditional advertising How to Do Demographic Segmentation for Your Marketing Plan

    The key to build a great marketing plan and generate tons of sales is to do market segmentation. Market segmentation is basically customer segmentation. By doing customer segmentation you will discover who your customers and where they are located, among many other things. One of the key areas...
  4. Jasmine

    How to Improve Your Click Through Rate

    Clock Through Rate is the rate of ad clicks on your website in relation to the number of visits. If 100 people visited your site and 10 people clicked the ads on your website, your Click Through Rate is 10 percent. You might be receiving 1000 visits but if only 1-2 people click on your ads, you...
  5. Jasmine

    How to Earn Better With CPM Ads

    The key to earn with PPC (Pay Per Click) ads is visitors’ interaction with the ads. However, CPM (Cost Per Millie) ads do not require any interaction, thus, you can earn with CPM ads just from traffic. If you want to earn better with CPM ads, here are the points to consider. Build Huge Traffic...
  6. Jasmine

    Top 3 Business and Money Quotes of All Time: What’s Your Favourite Finance Quote?

    I have read Robert Kiyosaki and I really liked the quote you have shared here. It really does not how much money you are earning, what actually matters is what you are doing with your money. If you earn $1000 and spend all and if you ear $500 and still manage to save $50, the second one is...
  7. Jasmine

    Email Marketing Step-By-Step Process to Start Email Marketing

    Forget about email marketing, it does not work. First of all, people do not use their work email to sign up for newsletters, which means the email they are using will not be checked regularly. Secondly, people do not have time to check emails. If they want to buy something, they will go directly...
  8. Jasmine

    Traditional advertising Are offline marketing the best method for an offline business?

    If you check the ads on the website you visit, you will see that a lot of these ads are actually advertising an offline businesses. These days even online businesses are advertising offline. For example, you can see the ads of Amazon, Google and Facebook on newspapers and also TVs.
  9. Jasmine

    Traditional advertising Getting a good hold of your customers amid a stiff competition

    The only way to survive a cut-throat competition is by outsmarting your competitors. You can do this by reducing your price, improving the quality, and marketing aggressively. If you create a better product and sell for a lower price, you can easily attract a lot of customers. But first you have...
  10. Jasmine

    What is Social Proof in Marketing?

    One of the reasons why influencer marketing is getting popular compared to other marketing methods is because you get social proof. For example, I advertise your product. I will tell my followers that have used the product and it is really useful. Some followers buy the product and they will...
  11. Jasmine

    Traditional advertising What if the discounted price is not really a discounted price at all?

    The discounted price you see during the sale promotion is not actually discounted price. A lot of businesses reduce the price for two reasons, one they first increase the tag price, and then give heavy discounts; two, the product has become old and is no longer selling, therefore, they give...
  12. Jasmine

    Social Media How to Run a Video Campaign?

    Sometimes the ads on the video content you are watching can be more interesting than the video itself. So, instead of using skip button, people will continue to watch the ad, and might even follow the ad. This will happen only when the ads can grab people's attention in less than 5 seconds.
  13. Jasmine

    Social Media How to Spread Awareness About Your Business

    Hiring influencers and brand ambassadors is the most effective method to raise awareness about your business. While brand ambassadors will build loyal customers, influencers will help you generate more sales. I have worked as a brand ambassador as well as influencer for a lot of companies and...
  14. Jasmine

    Passive income How to Earn Passive Income From Digital Downloads

    I have made money using this tactics, I have sold ebooks, social media templates and infographics through my website. However, just like you have said, it is not exactly a passive income course. You need to be proactive in bringing traffic on your site so that people will pay for your...
  15. Jasmine

    Social Media How Different is Influencer Marketing From Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing implies using social media platform to advertise and market a product or businesses. Social media marketing use the methods like running ads on the social platform, building followers and promoting through your social pages, or hiring an influencer and asking him to...
  16. Jasmine

    Traditional advertising What is the best low-cost marketing method?

    I my opinion social media marketing is the best low cost marketing method. Well, you might have to spend money to build your social media followers, but once you are able to build followers, you can market and promote for free, you do not have to pay everything you want to promote f you have...
  17. Jasmine

    Traditional advertising Marketing Vs. Advertising: Are They Same?

    You have given a perfect example on this topic, going door to door is marketing, running a promotional message on newspaper or the internet is advertising. Distributing flyers, giving free samples are also marketing methods, but airing message about your product on TV or YouTube videos is...
  18. Jasmine

    What is the most important factor when choosing a business?

    I think how much money you have for investment or how much funds you can raise for your business is the most important factor for choosing a business. Some businesses demand more investment than others. Knowing your financial health is very important. This will allow you to not only manufacture...
  19. Jasmine

    Generosity can always get in the way to ruin your budget

    Corporate Social Responsibility is a great tactic used by businesses and companies not only to show how they are generous towards the people and community, but also use it as a free promotion method. However, if your businesses is small or if the business is not yet generating profits, you...
  20. Jasmine

    Earn Money Is Money The Biggest Motivation Factor?

    Correct me if I am wrong. You have skills does not mean you are ready to work, working is not all about having skills, you can work only when you have desire to work, you will have desire to work only when you know what you want to achieve by working, or let say you can work only when you know...