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    What guides you in making managerial decision?

    Having an online business which you are in control automatically makes you a manager. Like you said "I have made a lot of decisions for my online businesses..." is a managerial duties. It is not rocket science. So long as you decide over an institution, organizations, cum business; you are...
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    Payment approved payment request

    You paid with dodge..seen
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    Health benefits of cashews nuts.

    I have already create a thread on anti-aging foods. Seems you want to live forever young? I think there is a point in older people's life that living becomes boring to them. Especially when the see those things they could do without the aid of anybody, now struggling to do it. Most at this stage...
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    How effective is the covid-19 vaccine in your country?

    Was there any symptoms after you took it There are so many conspiracies out there, that it is a ruse to depopulate human race, New World Order and magnets glue to the place the taken is taken. I don't buy any of those conspiracies but I have not taken it. Reason, is that I am scared of needles...
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    Payment approved payment request

    Hello admin, I will like my payment to be sent to Binance pay Address : 196352924 Amount : $4
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    Earn Money Earn money by the best PTC sites!

    I tried registering and it could not sail through. No response from the admin whatsoever. I heard they hardly accept Nigerians and I am matter the location I am. I will prefer rep the country and bring to light issues affecting them but should any site reject my application base on being...
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    Earn Money Earn money by the best PTC sites!

    I prefer it here than bizdustry. This is home to me.
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    Crypto Why you should invest in Solana.

    Yes, though i recently joined this platform. Most times people take such information and opportunities for levity.
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    Crypto Trade Cardano now!!!

    Cardano Records Over 2,000 Smart Contract Application in Four Days Following the new Alonzo Mainnet redesign, Smart Contracts (SC) compatibility has turned into a reality for Cardano (ADA) engineers. The redesign permits engineers to make decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized...
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    Earn Money Earn money by the best PTC sites!

    You see why i asked you the above question? My limit here daily is 15 comments and 10 threads, there is no how that will fetch you $1 here, if you don't consistently comments, create threads that are engaging. Though most times when you make an engaging topics and people really make it less...
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    How healthy is it to keep your pets indoors - Africans?

    Social media has created alot of bridges in relation to cultural assimilation. Recently, you will see people from other cultural backgrounds especially Africans copying the lifestyle of Europeans. Using DJ Cuppy as a case study, we are going to extral the dangers of having intimacy with any...
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    Earn Money Earn money by the best PTC sites!

    Please sir, I would like to know the strategy you are using to achieve this. Yes! This is a great and good site, not disputing this. Personally, I am enjoying my time here but the monetary aspect of it, is not much. So I will like to increase my earning here. Thanks for your kind response.
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    Saving Money How to stop impulsive buying in order to save more

    I am a spendthrift, I know that for sure. The two strategies you enumerated were ways I used to curb my expenses, but end up being called a stinge fellow by friends. Unknown to them that I was trying to save my future. Another strategy I use, is to draw up plans for my salary. As the alert is...
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    Earn Money Earn money by the best PTC sites!

    Is it not possible for one to make $1 daily here on trendri? All these sites are capitalist oriented, they ate here to make gain and not run humanitarian services. So expecting much from them is sequel to believe that pol and water can mix together. The only problem I have with this site is...
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    Plantain farming; a really good venture

    This is one of the ventures that sustains on of my aunty in the village. Every market day she cuts like three bunches, tie it to her bicycles and ends to the market. This is repeated every four days. If you see her gigantic house, you will marvel. Some people in town's and outside Nigeria has...
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    Crypto Whales bulling Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin Sees Bullish Slowdown as Whales Continue Retail Supply Squeeze On-chain analytics provider Santiment has cautioned Bitcoin (BTC) retailers that Millionaire-tier whales could be pushing them out of the market. The investigation firm uncovered that whale tends to holding between 100 to...
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    Crypto Uniswap Price Analysis – September 16

    Uniswap (UNIUSD) Price Finds Support at $22, Targeting $31. Uniswap is a decentralized protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain that offers non-custodusl trading of ERC -20 tokens. The cost might arrive at the resistance level at $31, on the off chance that it holds not, the cost might...
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    Deforestation and your health: its adverse effect.

    Is there accusations of government involvement in deforestation like in Brazil? Is your country not experiencing such? I believe while hurrican is loosing along as she wishes, is because the trees that should have shield human beings from its voraciousness has been taken down. The rate at...
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    Most times the more danger in these drugs is the potency of having adultered one's, especially in third world countries; where dealers are more interested in the gains they will make and not the people's health. I will always advice people to seek for natural herbs as medication and live a...
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    Anti-depressants are a popular treatment choice for depression. Although anti-depressants may not cure depression, they can reduce symptoms. Your doctor can prescribe them for you. They work to balance some of the natural chemicals in our brains. It may take several weeks for them to help. The...