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  1. Darshika

    What will U Do?

    As we now trendri is our Favorite Forum.. its really hard to give up yhis forum even a single day. What will U do if Trendri Changed as a Paying Forum?? Whar are Ur Ways to make money from Trendri?? Lets discuss
  2. Darshika

    EON Syscom

    One of my online friend referred this site to me. Quite interesting Social site to make a lot of friends. DaBank is their Source. They Offering 3GB of cloud Storage to save our data and conduct frequent zoom & Offline meeting. It's trusted network around years. Just check and download EON...
  3. Darshika

    My #Telegram Groups

    Telegram #Groups and Channels are the part of our day today life to get Updates from Various Sites. Lets join with sone of my TG to become Trendy ® Invite ur friends to Our #TGGroup.. Group 1 #Rate #Cutters #Top Up #Details and so on #Invite Ur #Friends Using this #link Group 2 © Send...
  4. Darshika

    Friday #Offer

    Friday Special Deal: Complete survey and earn Rs.200. Fill Further more 6 survey and earn Rs.600 EXTRA Paytm! htrp//
  5. Darshika

    Reward 1 Surveys

    Join with rewards 1 Surveys and get Surprise B'Day gift. Earn in various ways to get various rewards. Join with me
  6. Darshika

    Join with Telegram Chat

    Join with Our #TG Groups and Channels and get Updated. Earn Money in ur Free time with our Telegram Groups
  7. Darshika

    PayPal Income

    Wonderful Social site is paying to its Members through Pay pal when they reaching 15 Dollars with them. Just Chat, Share Selfies to make money Let's chat with me here Just install the app. Invite code Darshika24
  8. Darshika

    Survey Rewards

    Got my Recent Survey Reward from Crownit. Upload Ur Bills and get Amazon Pay Cards Rs.30 Paytm have been credited to your account for the survey you filled on Sat Oct 10 2020
  9. Darshika

    Get Paid to Make Friends

    Apsense is the best place to meet like Minded people and make a good friendship with them. Make money with various of Ur activities in that site. Meet Business persons and Promote ur things. 100% free to join with lifetime income Join now
  10. Darshika

    Support Attention Members..

    In this forum some persons creating threads to fet Ur email address. They will sumply spam ur inbix by sending spam emails and earn money from ur emails. Newbies never share ur email id with such kind of cheaters. Don't share ur email id with unknown persons. Be careful with such kind of posts
  11. Darshika

    Happy Golden Hen Game

    Exclusive Game for Indians join with Happy hen to gain Paytm income Invite Code 3RJZGM Minimun withdraw 1 rupee via paytm. Addictive Game
  12. Darshika

    Support Trendri Web (Mobile) APP

    Today itself i checked trendri application. Its Cool.. Thamks admin for this Wonderful Environment Friends Share Ur Feedback about the new trendri Application. I like it a lot
  13. Darshika

    TrenDri Channel

    I created a channel in Telegram to Promote #Trendri.. Join with it. Check for #Trending News #Updates. It's Channel to Subscribe. If U want a TrenDri Group Comment here... I will create a New Group for Trendri
  14. Darshika

    Survey For Indians

    Amazing Offer. Get 200 Rupees for Filling Surveys. Upload Ur bills and get Amazon Gift Cards with Us. We are paying Via Paytm and several Shopping Sites. Cash Back offers for Ur online Shopping Join now
  15. Darshika

    Support Request To Admin

    We are addicted with this new TrenDri and don't have the ability to go out from this great Forum. Irrespective of other forums here we have Privacy & Freedom.. We have the ability to Make friends around the Globe. Kindly add the Referral System Asap. Hope U will add the payment Option soon...
  16. Darshika

    Some Good Sites to Earn

    Here is some ways to make money from internet without investing My #FB Page. Visit & Like Today's Target Survey for Indians Application Business Socializing.. Create Articles to Promote Ur Business Business Social Site Get Paid Emails in Ur Inbox.
  17. Darshika

    Want to Earn from Emails?

    Just join with Us. Earn Money in Ur inbox for Reading emails.. Bitcoin payment with us. Join Now to Earn More
  18. Darshika

    Apsense Business

    Advertise Ur Business with APsense.. Traditional Business site with Lot of Members. Join Now. Our FB to like..
  19. Darshika

    The Ultimate Social

    Create Ur Brand page with APsense. Join with the Great Social Revolution APsense... The Ultimate Social Join Share ❤️Support ❤️ My ❤️ Posts.. Our Telegram To Follow Group. : Today's Support Channel : Tsu #TG
  20. Darshika

    Support Referral System

    Is referral system Available here? I m interested in referring my friends. Admin kindly add Referral System.. As we never miss this Forum. Provide MyReferral link. How to activate Signature in Each & Every post of Mine? I found Signature in my profile not I'm posts