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    Trading Discussion Understand how the forex market works

    Eurotrader provides not only learning for novice traders, but also as a complete package for trading Forex, crypto, stocks, Commodities and stocks. You also need to know many credible forex brokers such as OctaFX, Gainscope, XM broker etc. As a trader you really need a way to predict forex price...
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    Parents should stop choosing career for their children.

    In my opinion today, it is much different from the past, now parents even though their mother is a doctor, their father is a colonel, this parent used to be very smart in class, also his son is smart in class with very good grades, but he doesn't want to be a doctor or a soldier but wants to be...
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    Crypto Profitable SHIB Mining+Faucet

    Dyou know, sites registered on Nov 23, 2021, so it's only two days old. Payment method directly to your SHIB wallet. There have been many sites like this and ended up being a scam, you will only waste your time, you better stay away from this kind of site.
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    Finance Using Cryptocurrencies To Fund Your Business?

    In theory it may be easy, raising funds from the sale of shares with cryptocurrencies, but for a company that is just starting out, it is very doubtful for investors to buy shares either in the form of traditional shares or in the form of a Security Token Offering, after all legally issuing...
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    Trading Discussion Currency Trading on the Forex

    Thanks for sharing, As a forex trader, you must have patience, perseverance, and not to give up quickly in addition to mastering analytical strategies. The method of mixing good analysis with effective implementation, the success rate of a forex trader will unwittingly increase periodically. So...
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    Join WhatsApp Groups Invest in Your Country.

    Have you joined the WhatApp investment group in your country, of course you will get a lot of information about very valuable investments, because investment is now considered a part of our lives. There are many types of investments as well as in WhatsApp groups there are many groups such as...
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    Different types of Property Insurance

    Thanks for sharing, basically property insurance is a type of insurance product that guarantees damage or loss to objects or goods that occur due to fire, natural disasters, riots or other damage caused by sudden events. so how important it is to have property insurance that will be useful in...
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    Crypto What Cryptocurrency Do You Prefer Over Bitcoin?

    I agree with you, many new coins are very cheap, especially meme coins, but we have to choose which ones are potential and which are not potential to be invested, especially in the short term, because meme coins have not been promising and have not been tested for toughness and stability. and...
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    How To Deal With Low Employment Rate Caused By Inflation?

    Inflation occurs if prices rise above ten percent every year, the unemployment rate will be higher, the role of the government and investors is needed to be able to solve this problem, especially in fostering and providing capital, to small and medium enterprises, so that it will improve the...
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    How much money YouTubers make, according to dozens of creators

    To be able to make a lot of money from Youtube of course our video content, we have to watch a lot, if the creator is a famous person such as an artist, etc., it will be very easy to attract people to watch their videos, for us of course we have to create interesting video content.
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    How can i make money online without a skill or experience?

    If you think you don't have the skills and experience, most importantly you can understand English, joining Trendri forums is the right first step because Trendri forums not only give you rewards in this forum, you will mainly increase your knowledge by reading a lot of other members' threads...
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    Why is trendri not working

    Currently trendy sites are protected by Cloud face so I also often can't access forums, Error 1020, meaning the site is using security service and I have to wait until protection is reopened. Avast and AVG antivirus also always protect to open Trendri, so I always turn off Avast when I want to...
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    I made $200 in 2 hours. That's not bad if you ask me.

    Very wonderful, earn money $200 in just two hours, hard to believe, but seems too good to be true.
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    Crypto Trading In Cryptocurrencies On Daily Basis Vs Monthly Basis: Which One Is Better?

    Crypto day traders must master strategy and experience, generally using technical indicators, volume, price movements and chart patterns. Day traders in general are also less concerned with fundamental analysis. So if you want fast profit better be a day trader. But in general, many daily crypto...
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    Crypto Fraud Warning to SHIB Holders

    I just read on twitter that there are many scams to holders/investors issued by the SHIB team. Therefore all Shiba Inu token holders must be careful not to trust easily, because they are scammers will imitate by creating fake accounts, because these fraudsters are more targeting SHIB token...
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    Do You Think Politics Can Have An Effect On Business?

    Of course, political influence will have a huge impact on the economy, social and culture, so that it will also have an impact on business, because in fact politics is the main key to the development of a country. If politics is chaotic, the inflation rate will always be high, and businesses...
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    Crypto How to Create and Sale NFT on OpenSea

    How to Create NFT in OpenSea This thread is a guide for people who are interested in creating and selling NFT on OpenSea, although there are many other NFT marketplaces out there, but this time I will only talk about OpenSea using DeFi wallets (eg Metamask and Trustwallet etc). The wallet must...
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    @Jeymario13, It seems that what you are offering is a ptc site, from proof of payment all above 15 million shib, how long will it take us to reach the minimum withdrawal, have you ever withdrawn your earnings,
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    Crypto Which coin is best to invest in this pendemic era?

    Too is an ERC20 Token, issued by a Singaporean company, not many exchanges provide it, only eToro and Pancakeswap, also this token has not been listed on Coinmarketcap, the price of Too token is $0.00022329, total supply 100 billion Too. I personally have not been able to predict this Too token.
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    Trading Discussion Is forex better than stocks?

    Which is better between stock trading and forex trading, of course the answer will depend on each investor will be different, in forex trading you only need a small capital unlike in stock trading. Stocks are more complicated because you have to compare the many stocks on offer, whereas in forex...