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  1. Vandi Cassie

    Attapoll | Get paid to take surveys on your mobile phone

    I have come across your post before, i would like know the minimum payout?
  2. Vandi Cassie

    IDEAS: Do you really get money here?

    My experience on Trendri forum, I have been able to earn about $10 from a post shared here. I believe people who share genuine offer will get more interaction or leads. But one have to be careful also when participating on some survey or getpaid to do task. I have tried some survey but some...
  3. Vandi Cassie

    IDEAS: Why You have not been Hired on LinkedIn

    You are NOT getting HIRED because of your LinkedIn profile ! Here are 3 top PROBLEMS. I viewed lots of profiles, and here are points I want to make: 1. Recruiters are busy people. They rely heavily on search. So please make sure your profile is easy for them to find - include relevant keywords...
  4. Vandi Cassie

    How to Successfully Start a Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria?

    You're not only about to become a poultry farmer, but a business person also, it depend on what market segments you would like to focus on in Nigeria and what area of the poultry business you want to take advantage of. In poultry business there are actually 2 main areas: Layers, which are...
  5. Vandi Cassie

    How To Know If A Work From Home Business Is Not Genuine

    Many people don't know how Work From Home Business work. Recruits find it difficult determining the payment plans and they have a tough time understanding if the work from home business is legitimate or not. 1 Very cheap products or services For me, the foundation of any good business is...
  6. Vandi Cassie

    Becoming self-employed and work from home.

    There are many advantages starting a small business at home. Becoming self-employed, secure and totally free are the noticeable advantages of starting up a business from home. Many people are unsuccessful when it comes to starting up their very own business from home because they're poorly...
  7. Vandi Cassie

    Online Business What You Need To Know

    Online business have become very popular, new small business owners are make use of social media and blogs to help make money for themselves. People are sick and tired of doing work for an income and they wish to be in charge of their future. Even though starting an business online has a lot of...
  8. Vandi Cassie

    Encouraging Your Sales Team

    A good sales manager needs to be able to: Supervise sales staff. Develop sales plans and strategies. Set targets for the team. Keep track of sales overall performance. Personally manage key customers and also prepare sales reports. Motivating a sales staff is all about love and not conflict. But...
  9. Vandi Cassie

    Free Strategies To Promote Your Small Business Online

    1. Start blogging: A blog site will not only helps your business get its name out there, but is a way to interact with your customers directly. Keep in mind that one of the important tips of running a blog is always to keep your steady flow up-to-date topic as much as you can. A forgotten blog...
  10. Vandi Cassie

    What is Marketing Strategy?

    It's much easier to get customers once you know who they are. Marketing is all about understanding what your services or products can do to help a target audience. Your information have to connect directly your industry also know that a business requires a marketing strategy just as it requires...
  11. Vandi Cassie

    4 Simple Ways To Make Some Money Online

    please which of these money ideas is most lucrative for someone with basic programming skills?