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  1. sincerem

    Asking for 4th withdrawal

    Hello boss, i want to withdraw $6. Here is my bank account details. Acct No; 6173566287 Acct Name; Nwosu Precious Chibueze Bank; Fidelity Savings acct. Thank you!
  2. sincerem

    Do you think your online earnings is enough to make ends meet?

    I know some persons here will grumble about this question. As much as online earnings is concerned, some persons earn meaningfully online and some doesn't. Those that earns meaningfully online are the ones with on demand skills that market on the Internet exponentially. Their are people too...
  3. sincerem

    Where do you spend your online earnings mostly on??

    When it comes to online earnings people have their own specific purposes why the are working. As they are working, they have plans to spend their cash on top priorities they craved on their mind. When it comes to where i spend my money most, I'll tell you that i spend most of them on...
  4. sincerem

    Do you think location plays a major role in a business??

    I know location plays a major role determining how successful a business can be. But that doesn't mean that all business initiative becomes successful when started in a developed settlement. Sometimes it depends on one's business plan, vision and strategy etc. It's a no brainer, that's the...
  5. sincerem

    Bitcoin is valued at $49k

    Bitcoin is currently on $49k per token, just $1k away from reaching the all time high of $50k for the first time in its entire history. The coin seems breaking all odds to set more land marks as time goes on. Track Bitcoin back in early 2009 when it started, no one could've foreseen this kind of...
  6. sincerem

    Litecoin is now valued $211.30 per token

    Who saw this one coming around Litecoin? The price is going higher now, it was picked before at $159 per token last week. Now it is currently at $211.30 with a daily price increase of 12.58% and a seven (7) days price increase of 26.60%. The last seven days marketcap is picked at...
  7. sincerem

    Ethereum coin is worth $1.804k just $196 to hit $2k

    Ethereum coin is climbing up just $196 shy to hit $2,000 land mark. That will be another land mark figure achieved by the Ethereum coin. The coin have seen a 24hour price increase of 1.67%, with seven days price increase of 6.92%. The marketcap is valued at $206.85billion in the last seven days...
  8. sincerem

    Payment proof Received my 3rd payment from Trendri!

    Thanks @Fecoms, for the payment, I'm grateful to Trendri.
  9. sincerem

    Asking for 3rd payment request

    Good day boss, I'm asking for my 3rd pay out of $22 through this bank details. Acct No; 6173566287 Bank; Fidelity bank PLC Acct Name; Nwosu Precious Chibueze Acct Type; Savings Account. Thanks Boss!
  10. sincerem

    Do you seek mentorship before starting your business??

    When it comes to business not everyone seek mentorship before going on, to start it up. Some depend on their own vision and ideas to drive their own business achieving success. While some choose to attend seminars where they mentor them particularly about what to do to succeed in business. By...
  11. sincerem

    Is money the only factor that keeps you going with your business??

    I know that money is very useful when it comes to any business initiative. In other to start it up, we need money keeping it going. But money isn't the only driven force that makes us to keep it going with our respective businesses. Some persons are very passionate in a particular business...
  12. sincerem

    XRP is improving even when daunt on lawsuit!

    Did you watch out for the latest price value of Ripple (XRP) coin? Ripple coin is on the rise since last week. Even if their is some slight cut down in price, but the coin shows some glimpses of massive improvement. It is currently worth $0.51 from the previous $0.37 it was last week. With daily...
  13. sincerem

    Tesla automobile company announced the acquisition of $1.5 billion on Bitcoin

    Tesla announced that they have bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. This happened cos the Tesla CEO, Elon musk is a full-time supporter of Bitcoin and he has craved long time ago to invest heavily on the coin. Now he is pioneering such an audacious investment of $1.5 billion into Bitcoin alone...
  14. sincerem

    Do you think offline business owners can make ample of profits if covid19 stays longer??

    Its been more than one (1) year since covid19 existed here on earth. Since then, offline business is on the tolling cos of the heavy restriction posed on them by the world leaders. Its never easy at all for those businesses to cope up with covid19 threats. Some of them have shut down and unable...
  15. sincerem

    Support I don't receive reward for comments

    Good day boss, the ongoing situation still goes on on my account. I don't receive reward for posting comments, but i receive when posting threads. Is their any penalty I'm facing?? I don't understand why this is happening.
  16. sincerem

    Do you think Elon musk influence can lift dogecoin higher??

    With Elon musk as the fan of Dogecoin. Some of us know that Elon musk admire Cryptocurrency a lot, that's why he is investing on potential coins and top rising coins like Bitcoin and Dogecoin etc. He has joined hand to lift Dogecoin higher, by becoming a stake holder of the Dogecoin community...
  17. sincerem

    Tron (TRX) coin is finally above $0.03

    Tron (TRX) coin have finally moved past the $0.03 price value which it hanged on over 2 months. The coin is now worth $0.04545 per token, with a daily price increase of 3.17% and a seven days total price increase of 33.34%. The marketcap is picked at $3.22 billion and a trading volume of $3.68...
  18. sincerem

    Bitcoin tops all time land mark of $46k

    The recent improvement around Bitcoin is surprising, the coin made instant increase and back to $46k per token. Surpassing the previous all time land land of $41k it recorded early in January 2021. The question now will be, how soon will Bitcoin climb to $50k price value? I believe that will...
  19. sincerem

    Staying indoors or moving out to do business, which one is suiting on you??

    We know the challenges posed by covid19, that have made many people stay at home and running an online business. Due to restriction of things, people now prefer to advertise online, sell products online, and earning a living through it. My business isn't a moving out type, its the one i stay...
  20. sincerem

    What is your estimated business monthly profit?

    Any business that is up and running is entitled to calculate its business cash flow, profit and losses made in a month. Every entrepreneur is known for keeping an absolute track record of his or her business in order to determine if he made profit that month or losses after calculating all...