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  1. trendjing

    Earn Extra Income Through Reselling Online

    People nowadays are always hooked on the internet. Whether it be at home or at the office, it seems that we cannot live without internet connection. Through this, we can start our small business. One of which is reselling items in an app that allows you to sell new and pre-loved items. Yes, used...
  2. trendjing

    Review Some Fake Website that promise to pay you to Complete Survey

    I tried doing online surveys, but it took me days to wait for a survey that fits me. Right now, I am not a fan of online surveys. I think it only benefit the sites and not the person who answers the surveys. I've heard others who get paid doing it, yet it does not work for me. I know it might be...
  3. trendjing

    What Web Hosting did you choose?

    I wanted to start up my own website and eventually turn it into an e-commerce page. I love writing and I only have a blog that is connected with Wordpress domain name. I have seen web page from other personalities, specifically bloggers I am following, and wanted to create it my own. With so...