1. raaman

    Taking Loan? Consider this …

    In today's modern way of life, more money is needed to fulfil the needs and desires of the household. A lot of of us have become accustomed to borrowing without hesitation to accomplish this desires. Banks and financial institutions are competing with each other to lend a helping hand to people...
  2. Alexandoy

    Have you joined a savings and loan association?

    The savings and loan association is an informal group that members deposit money regularly to their account in the credit club. When a member takes a loan there is an interest of 1.5% in a month but delayed payments has a penalty. On the average the credit club earns about 12% interest on the...
  3. E

    Credit Card Bank ATM is good for businesses or not?

    When you are into a business, you will be making use of specific payment system, either cash payments, electronic payment or digital payment. The electronic payment system is what I want to discuss here for now. This payment system involves making use of banking electronics facilities to pay for...
  4. Alexandoy

    Teaching the young on the habit of saving

    I learned to save money when I was in grade school. No one taught me to save but I realized that if I have some savings then I can buy what I want. My style was to save money for 1 month and then I would spend the savings on things that I enjoy. When I got to high school that was the same style...
  5. IamDozzy

    Online vs Physical Banking

    With the introduction of internet in various countries, online banking has almost become a daily part of our life. But a number of people for reasons such as avoiding scam, misplacing money on the net etc. prefer to go to the bank for physical transactions especially during the Covid-19...
  6. IamDozzy

    Which is better, Current or Savings Account

    Recently, I was in the bank filling a form to get my ATM card and I noticed the number of Current account holders had declined but that of Savings had increased. For those that don't know what a Current account is , A Current account is an account opened by entrepreneurs and the likes who have...
  7. raaman

    Fixed Deposit in a Bank

    Even though there are a lot of investment schemes available today, if there is one risk-free primary investment, it is the fixed deposit in a bank. It is because it is a safe investment. Fixed deposit is a safe investment since it has no stake in the investment. In the current year, the Reserve...
  8. Vinkce

    Debt Avoid Indebtedness

    Being indebted can be hectic. You would live with the gear that your creditor could for his money anytime soon. Some people do not find easy paying their debts and so they do not get out of their house that much as they are trying to avoid being harassed by some person who they may be owing...
  9. raaman

    2 Tips to Safeguard your Bank Account

    Nowadays, the most serious cyber crime name is 'man in the browser attack'. In this case, with the help of special technology, they can always monitor the activities of the bank account running on mobile or laptop. There are ways to prevent bank accounts from being hacked. Here are two tips...
  10. D

    Choose a little machine for you

    Use my insurance statement and accept a card without paying rent! Choose a little machine for you; d Choose a paying machine to win $10 for free. If you have a business todo or work in need of more payment methods, you can use the pagbank machine to receive money by card. Leave your email in the...
  11. John.D

    About Payment Service Provider or PSPs.

    A Payment Service Provider is a third party that helps merchants accept and facilitate payments. Payment Service Providers partner with Acquiring Banks to offer merchants the capability to accept payments. Payment Service Providers often offer services in addition to processing transactions...
  12. Roli

    Banks vs Credit Unions Account

    Anytime banks are making track record profits and the customers are paying higher charges, lots of people are looking for financial institutions that will assist them save money. The type of institution may be your local credit union. Credit unions provide several financial services that help...
  13. Roli

    Difference between Credit Union and Bank

    Credit unions works similar to banks. They both make loans, issue checks, do deposits, and ATM cards, and also provide investment services. But the big difference between banking institutions and credit unions has less to perform with the services they provide and more with how every institution...
  14. Roli

    Asking for Which Bank is the Best in Nigeria

    Which of these Nigeria Bank is the best in terms reliability on depositing cash, withdraw and online banking?
  15. Roli

    The Most Reliable Bank in Nigeria

    What is the most reliable bank in Nigeria for Fixed deposit account, i have interest too pen account with either IBTC, GTBank or Diamond Bank. Are their better banks compare to these bank in terms of fixed deposit account rate.