1. Dexmark

    What's mining as a concept to you?

    To me, Mining - Is a process of creating new crypto coins by solving complex mathematical equations. Please share your ideas about same topic
  2. ekileaks

    Hi... How are You?

    Thanks for your attention and welcome to my 1st Thread! I am Eki, 25 years old human from Bosnia and I am Trendri's new member! So, if you have something to tell me, tell me now! Let's meet each other!
  3. Victorial

    Was Binance coin (BNB) ever mined?

    Binance coin (BNB) is the crypto coin issued by the most popular crypto wallet exchange, Binance and it is currently among the biggest trade coin in the world. It was initially run under the Ethereum Blockchain before it became the native coin of the Binance chain ( BSC). It has gained...

    Refer A Friend To Earn Up To $ 500 Mystery Boxes Each In A Pool Of $ 600,000 In Tokens!

    Dear Binance Users, Binance is excited to announce a brand new way to reward our community for inviting friends to join us. Thanks to the Referral Offer Mode, each quest will bring you and your referral friend Mystery Boxes of up to $ 500 in tokens. A total prize pool of $ 600,000 is up for...
  5. kc234

    Crypto Additional income from real crypto games.

    I think this is a great platform to play to earn cryptocurrencies. You can increase your Extra income with real crypto games. Bxie Infinity is currently the most popular play-to-earn game, with the model allowing users to make real money by earning tokens. Bxie Infinity is a Play-to-Earn game...
  6. Marti ford

    Crypto 4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Trading Cryptocurrency...

    Today, you can invest in cryptocurrency quickly and easily. You have the liberty to invest with the help of online brokers, but you cannot say for sure if this is a foolproof venture. There are a lot of risks and pitfalls that you need to face if you are thinking of entering this field. However...
  7. CoinEx

    Crypto How to Create A Liquidity Pool/Trading Pair on OneSwap?

    OneSwap is a fully decentralized transaction protocol based on smart contracts. It does not require permission to list cryptos, supports both AMM and the order book, and improves user interaction through its own OneSwap Wallet, providing a one-stop transaction experience. OneSwap can be deployed...
  8. CoinEx

    Any Exchanges that Offers Benefits Through Trade-Driven Mining?

    Create worldwide crypto consensus through an all-encompassing ecosystem for crypto trading CoinEx has been noted for its ease of use and excellent trading experiences since the very beginning. While most crypto exchanges are content with the status quo, CoinEx always strives to improve its...
  9. CoinEx

    Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

    We don't who exactly Satoshi Nakamoto is, whether it's a person or a group of geniuses. What we do know is - Satoshi Nakamoto is a true trailblazer of digital currency. In this video, Let's learn more about the legend of Bitcoin's founder.
  10. Lens1000

    Crypto Major banks in the world are planing to integrate cryptocurrency services

    The Citi Group is now hiring 100 people to work in its cryptocurrency division. The banks are looking forward to exploring the cryptocurrency market and delivering cryptocurrency-related services, according to Punnet Singhvi, the head of Citi group's digital unit. The world's largest credit...
  11. btaliat

    Crypto Do you feel bad seeing coin you left performing well?

    Most time, we miss out on some coins probably because of lack of information or based our doubtfulness. And most time those coins turn out to be the rave of the moment. How do you feel when a coin you didnt buy turn out to be performing better?
  12. raaman

    Crypto Is Cryptocurrency Online Money?

    Because of the new activities of online users, people who use the internet and the social media platforms, cryptocurrency can be considered as online money or internet money. From the history of the development of physical money, we have begun with silver, gold and other metals as payment for...
  13. Mandy96

    Trading Discussion What can you say about crypto business

    Cryptocurrency business has been one of the most popular investment all around the globe in the sense that most of the countries around the world are accepting it as a means of payment and currency, it has even gone to the extent that some nations are having there own crypto attached to their...