1. Leader14

    Cryptocurrency Tips

    Have a strategy for crypto trading. ... Manage risk. ... Diversify your crypto portfolio. ... Be in it for the long term. ... Automate purchases. ... Use trading bots. Have a purpose to trade. ... Make target for profits and losses. ... Stay alert during FOMO. ... Keep tab on your risks. ...
  2. ritajane21

    Crypto Which Cryptocurrency has more potential to investing?

    I invest money on different different cryptocurrency but have not find any kind of good cryptocurrency that have good potential on market? From your point of view which one if perfect for you and why are they important?
  3. dinero2021

    Crypto What is helium mining?

    Mining HNT is done by installing a simple device on your office window. That's it. Seriously. Hotspots provide miles of wireless network coverage for millions of devices around you using Helium LongFi, and you are rewarded in HNT for doing this. How does Helium mining work? How Does Helium...
  4. Jasmine

    Crypto Digital Currency Vs Cryptocurrency

    A lot of people confuse digital currency with crypto currency. While all crypto currencies are digital currencies, not all digital currencies are cryptocurrencies. Fiat money can be sent digitally or transact digitally. For instance you can use card payment or mobile payment wallet, or QR Code...
  5. Mika

    Crypto How Far Can Ripple Price Go?

    Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has remained the top cryptocurrency (in terms of price value and market cap rank); however, other cryptocurrencies are also sailing smoothly. Ripple is one such coin that is growing big day by day. Ripple (XRP) was basically created for entrepreneurs and...
  6. Mika

    Crypto How to earn by staking cryptocurrencies

    In a layman’s term, staking cryptocurrency means, depositing your cryptocurrency in an account on an exchange platform to earn fixed rewards for a fixed tenure. Staking cryptocurrency is just like depositing money in a fixed deposit account for a fixed term to earn higher interest rates. Just...
  7. minenovo

    Crypto Crypto spot trading volumes were down by 31,5% to new record low for the year

    Spot trading volumes on the cryptocurrency market were at their lowest for 2021, according to a recent report. They had shrank with a whopping 31.5% in July to 1.9 trillion USD although there were some positive developments in the industry, like the rumours that Amazon may start accepting...
  8. Ummigal

    Crypto How legit is 5ROI Global?

    A friend sent me his referral link for 5ROI Global. It is a new cryptocurrency trading app and thus friend of mine said that once you register and get verified, you earn an instant $8. I don't know how legit it is cos it seems my identity isn't getting verified. He said that the $8 will be sent...
  9. Jasmine

    Crypto Why You Need to Invest in SHIB Coin?

    Shiba Inu or SHIB Coin is making a lot of noise these days. It is just one year old but already has a market cap of 3.36 billion USD, ranks 47th position on the market cap rank, and has a market dominance of 0.16 percent. Isn’t that amazing for a coin that is just one years old and was created...
  10. Raiyan10

    Earn Money Earn by crypto trading. How it works.

    As all you know crypto trading is a very good way to earn money. Many of us may not know how it works. In this post i will try to explain how it works. Think like this, you have 100$ worth doller extra in your pocket. You want to make more from it. So what you do you buy 100$ worth BTC with...
  11. Skysaint

    Crypto Will Bitcoin remain as the leading cryptocurrency forever?

    Currently, Bitcoin is the father of all other cryptocurrencies when compared to others in both value and popularity. Basically, when people here of cryptocurrency what do come to the minds of most people is Bitcoin. For them, Bitcoin is more like a synonym to cryptocurrency. I could still...
  12. katemiddlestone1

    investigators with extensive expertise in the field of forensic cryptocurrency.

    thehackerspro is a team of investigators with extensive expertise in the field of forensic cryptocurrency. They use proprietary software to identify links between addresses of cryptocurrency and entities including criminals, dark markets, blenderers, and fiat on and off ramps. Michelle had...
  13. minenovo

    Crypto Cryptocurrency Users Reach an Unprecedented Number

    According to a new report, as of June 2021 the total number of people who use cryptocurrencies has surged to 221 million and at the moment it is surpassing that number. In comparison, in December 2020 that number was 106 million, i.e. the number of people who use crypto assets has more than...
  14. Mika

    Crypto How to Manipulate Crypto Currency Price?

    Yes, you read this right. If people decide to pull Bitcoin down to $10K, they can do it just in a couple of weeks. If they decide to push it to $100K, they can do it in a couple of weeks. The price of crypto currency is dependent on demand and supply. The price goes up when there is demand but...
  15. Afnansh01

    Exchanging the difference in the rate of currencies from different countries around the world

    Is there any difference in the rate of crypto concerning the difference in the rate of currencies from different countries around the world? I am interested in buying and selling cryptos and making a profit from the rates if possibly the rates are different just the currency rate of different...
  16. Ahmedo24

    Coinbase has integrated Apple pay.

    Coinbase is one of the fastest-growing exchange platform in the US the platform is doing everything possible to make the users very comfortable in making cryptocurrency to Fiat currency transactions from different wallets and apps. The recent one is that he may uses can I use the Apple pay to...
  17. minenovo

    Crypto What is your favourite cryptocurrency?

    Which cryptocurrency do you prefer to trade the most? Why is it your favourite cryptocurrency? For me that's Bitcoin, simply because it is the most popular one and there is a lot of available information about it. I try to avoid any obscure/exotic coins.
  18. Lens1000

    Crypto Learn more on celo, a cryptocurrency for smartphone users

    Celo is a blockchain or platform that is aimed at providing payment in cryptocurrency to mobile phone users. The project makes financial services available to the teeming mobile phone users. It allows payment to be made on any phone number. It is built using the blockchain technology making it a...
  19. Lens1000

    Crypto Amazon plan to adopt bitcoin as payment

    Amazon, the e-commerce giant planned to integrate bitcoin as one of its payment options. This project is already sealed by the management and its is expected to kick-start by the end of 2021 The e-commerce bigwig plan to launch its native token. However, the name of the proposed token is not...
  20. Ahmedo24

    Can you sell your properties to invest in cryptocurrencies.

    It is Fundamental that cryptocurrency Investment is very volatile and risky considering their nature but not with standing there are lot of people that are still making huge amount of money from it probably because they are well informed such that they know when to buy and when not to or...