1. Mandy96

    Crypto exchange

    Is there any profit in the business of crypto exchange what I mean by crypto exchange is the exchange of cryptocurrencies for example, when you exchange Bitcoin to litecoin is the rate the same or it is different because if so then there should be a profit to be made in the sense that one can...
  2. L

    EQO Tokens are designed amazingly well

    Hi all – I am a former professional gambler, I specialized in exploiting free bets, rake back, rebate, commission structures and points systems for profit. Both in live and internet casinos. After a conversation with some buddies I turned my eyes to the crypto world and have been reading as man...
  3. Lens1000

    How to avoid losses when trading on crypto market

    Traders who are unsuccessful usually enter a trade without any crypto trading strategies, nor the idea of knowing when to sell for a profit, and how much loss they are willing to risk Unsuccessful trader trade on crypto market on instinct. You should calculate the expected returns as it will...
  4. Naz

    Which cryptocurrency wallet are you using and why?

    There are many cryptocurrencies wallets to exchange,buy or sell cryptocurrencies easily . Some cryptocurrencies exchanges demand high fee while some demand less fee. People use that platform of exchange where they get discount. So today I want to collect this information by creating this thread...
  5. ChulaRM

    Did you know that you can earn money with transferwise?

    I am curious about the internet and its universe to earn money. I am from South America and in my country, Argentina, it is a bit complex to work with dollars for example, it is also my responsibility to solve it. But I have seen that transferwise has recently been enabling accounts with the...
  6. V

    Crypto Christmas Giveaway!

    Crypto the exchange of Phemex congratulates all on the Coming holidays !☃️☃️☃️ Since December, 1, every day to Decembers, 24 will conduct the special event in Twitter. Tasks will plug in itself such tasks, as twits of certain images or comments, task, puzzle and quiz, and even the special...
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  9. D

    Huge Peer to Peer Bitcoin Marketplace with over 300 ways to buy and sell!

    Hey guys, Check out this platform for peer to peer Bitcoin purchases and sales, with over 300 different ways to purchase Bitcoin this platform is extremely versatile and really worth using! You can also exchange bitcoin for Giftcards, goods or cash.