1. D

    Check out this riddled idea

    Cash from national contests can help you pay off debt, finance that dream vacation around the world or send you on a shopping spree in style. But you can’t win the money unless you enter the contests.
  2. E

    Is private school better than public school?

    Education is the great thing the parents can give their children. Majority of our leaders in my country enjoyed free, sound and quantity education from government owned schools which is known as public school. No private schools when those that are ruling us now have their education, it is...
  3. btaliat

    What's your best business ideas that you never execute?

    Most of the time or let me say some of the time, ideas concerning business flows through our minds. We may just wake up and then the ideas may just come or it maybe trigger by some circumstance around us or the situation we find ourselves. But these ideas are always die off maybe because we...
  4. Profwriter

    Starting a global business

    How can one have or start a global business? A business that spreads and covers the nations of the earth. Is that really possible? Someone said, small mind think small profit, big minds, thin big profits. If you have an existing business, can you scale it up to a global height, is there any...
  5. Profwriter

    Making millions out of personal busines

    Can your business ever growing big? Can you ever make millions out of it? Can you ever be rich? Is riches meant for a selected few? If you are having these questions in mind then you are half way through the journey of making millions out of your own personal business. Your business no matter...
  6. raaman

    Finding a Business

    When you want to become independent, many things can go through your head, ideas come and go, some ridiculous, others more serious, until finally you think that you have found the business that will make you rich. Has it not happened to you? Well maybe you still don't dare to think about...
  7. Vinkce

    Savings Or Investments, Have One.

    You too could save and invest. It is not all the time that you have to spend, it's not every time that you have to be the ladies man paying for the drinks and expenses made by your friends at the restaurant, you could channel ball that money elsewhere somewhere where it would be safe whole you...
  8. Vinkce

    The days of little beginning

    Everything has a beginning, no matter how big it appears, they all have beginnings. It's the general nature of things in this physical realm. Some business entrepreneurs give up on their business and dreams at it early stage. I will like you to know that beginning are mostly small, the beginning...
  9. Peppul

    How does cryptocurrency work.

    Firstly crypto currency is an encrypted, decentralized digital currency transferred between peers and confirmed in a public ledger via a process known as mining. To understand how cryptocurrency works, you will need few basic concepts, specifically. 1. Public ledgers. All confirmed transactions...
  10. Vinkce

    Are There Useless Courses?

    What's the lucrative course? Are some course useless in their nature? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we are the point of a making the decision of which career we would chose to pursue. It may not be that easy choosing one though, but it has to be done with utmost...
  11. Vinkce

    When you fail, what do you do next?

    Failure as they say, which is actually true, is not a person but an event. People fail at different attempts they may make overtime. Business too is not spared. People also fail in business, but you should know that great things are born out of great challenges. If the future is glorious, the...
  12. Vinkce

    That Business Needs Your Attention.

    As a young child needs the attention of his parents so does a young business need proper attention. If you truly desire your business to grow to the extent that it could run with or without your presence, at it's early stage, give it the needed attention. Don't let a business that's still tender...
  13. raaman

    A Great Business

    A great business starts with an idea the size of a seed. It will flourish if it is cared for in the right way. In the same way, your business will grow according to the commitment you have with it. To carry out your idea, you must start by defining your goals, so that you are clear about what...
  14. raaman

    5 Tips to implement your Business Idea

    You may be having a good business idea, and you do not know how, when, and where to start? You need not wait any longer. Here are five tips that may help you to start your business. 1. An entrepreneur stands firm in the face of hard times. So, be firm. 2. An entrepreneur dreams big. You...
  15. Vinkce

    Consistency In Business (Pt 1)

    Lasting business depends on lasting consistency. If you want to build a business that would stand the test of time, you the vision business vision bearer should be able to stand the test of time together with the business, that when you would need the discipline bof consistency. Always remember...
  16. Vinkce

    Starting a business on a loan.

    Getting a loan to start a business may seem like a way out for many aspiring entrepreneurs but. Business capital is crucial to the emergence and survival of a business. Many businesses have not come to fruition because of the large capital involved starting them. When this capital is primarily...