1. Lens1000

    The Bitcoin Miner Riot to build a 1gigawatts mining facilities in texas

    There's no doubt that there is a lot of profit in bitcoin mining and this is why so many companies and conglomerates are getting involved in the mining activities of the bitcoin. The profit that is made around the bitcoin mining activities is what made so many companies get involved in the...
  2. Lens1000

    Skybridge raised $7 million for industrial-scale miner project

    The business of mining is a very lucrative business in the cryptocurrency space. Don't Forget that mining is a very important integral of cryptocurrency market price determination. The impact of mining on the price of cryptocurrency or on the development of the cryptocurrency was seen last...
  3. TCH

    Unemployed or a low salary. Join us and make money daily. It's 100% Legit.

    Please follow this link and check out the website. KKBT is a money mining website and app and helps people make guaranteed money daily. If you think I'm joking check out the website and video's available for guidance. It's not that difficult once you know the machine and click to invite...
  4. Lens1000

    Bitcoin mining could be use for energy production

    Bitcoin continue to amaze me by the power it has to execute so many things. Bitcoin was used in so many ways in the past to carryout diverse of things. We all know that the limited supply of bitcoin made it very possible for it to be used as a tool to combat inflation. The level of...
  5. Good-Guy

    What Is The Difference Between A Mining App And A Rewarding App?

    When it comes to making money through apps, there are basically two different kinds of apps that get a lots of attention. One is the mining app and then other one is the rewarding app. The mining app allows users to make money through mining coins and the rewarding app allows you to make money...
  6. Flow-er

    ConocoPhillips dips leg into BTC mining

    The business of mining is growing and so many companies are dipping their toes into it. The mining hashrate has a direct impact on the demand-supply dynamics which actually influences the price of cryptocurrency. The challenges with mining is that it's really not profitable if you are not having...
  7. Tommy1983

    The best BNB Mining/Investment sites on the Binance Smart Chain

    Hi guys! I am not sure if what I am going to type is common knowledge so I will give a bit of background and a little guide in case people don't know about this or how to do it. Cloud mining is pretty much dead now, far too expensive and very little returns but with the introduction of DE-FI...
  8. Flow-er

    Georgia give incentives to crypto miners

    Crypto Mining is a very important aspect of cryptocurrency. It is process of producing the cryptocurrency through solving complex mathematical equation by the mining machine. It was reported that Georgia is now the hub for cryptocurrency mining because of the incentives it give the crypto miners...
  9. Lens1000

    Bitcoin hashrate jumps by 31.69% in one day

    Bitcoin mining is a very lucrative business. Calamity loom when China imposed a compulsory ban on cryptocurrency mining and this made the hashrate globally crashed because the region is the hotbed for mining. Myriad of miners are rescued by the United States of America, precisely Miami. They...
  10. Lens1000

    Georgia become the mining hub in the United States

    Cryptocurrency mining is no doubt a very profitable and also a very lucrative business. Georgia tapped into the fortune in the crypto mining by making itself the cryptocurrency mining hotspot in the United States Georgian cryptocurrency miners accounted for 34% of the computing power in Foundry...
  11. zanny1049

    Recommend Me a GPU for Mining

    Hello everone, I just want to buy a Gpu for mining purpose and i know that mining in ethereum is most profitable with Gpu. but i have no idea which is best Gpu which is most profitable and low in cost. Please if anyone have knowledge about it make me recommendations. Thank you
  12. T

    Mine from your cellphone

    Have you giys heard of PI? You can mine off your cellphone. It's super simple and now is the perfect time to get involved. Its currently in test phase. Refer friends to join Pi Network I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 25 million members...
  13. Als237

    Bitcoin cloud mining

    Bitcoin Cloud Mining Stop wasting your time and start Bitcoin Cloud Mining with Bitcoin Cloud Mining Bot. Instead of sitting idle, you can make money through your mobile phone. BTC Mining Bot provides you with a one-click solution that allows anyone anywhere to make money. Start Background...
  14. Bubudaddy

    How to earn free token

    In the event that you've been into scaled down gaming over the most recent couple of years, odds are you know as of now what Pogo is. Also assuming you're acquainted with Pogo, you'll know what's going on with this article. "Free Pogo Token" is one of the most well known Pogo-related hunt on...
  15. Hania iman

    Is mining a good way to earn cryptocurrency

    We can earn cryptocurrency in many ways like doing trading , investment etc. But there is a way called mining to warn cryptocurrency like bitcoin. I don't think that mining is the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency. But if someone is very intelligent and clever then he can do mining. Tell me...
  16. Lens1000

    The supply of bitcoin as reduced with 10% left to mine.

    Bitcoin supply is dwindling, with only 10% remaining to mine. We're down to mining the remaining 10% of the total quantity of BTC, which has been depleted by 90%. This rate declines by half every four years, making it harder for miners to mine BTC. For the time being, the most recent halving...
  17. Lens1000

    Canaan incorporation extends its footprint to Kazakhstan

    Canaan Inc, a bitcoin (BTC) mining software maker, is extending its presence in Kazakhstan by forming new strategic collaborations with a number of crypto mining companies in the nation. As of Dec. 31, 2021, the Nasdaq-listed business had deployed 10,300 AvalonMiner units in Kazakhstan...
  18. Robbiem75

    Free mining platform

    I know a web platform where you can earn well and more and more over time. A platform to mine Bitcoin passively without any work by taking advantage of a free computing power bonus . If you want information please contact me privately. Thank you!
  19. bench1222

    You can mine once a day with just your smartphone

    Many people participate in the virtual currency Hi all over the world. I am also participating. It's very interesting. If you have a smart phone, it's not a hassle and you can get about $ 1 by answering a simple questionnaire once a day. Recommended for those who can do it steadily. However...
  20. ezcashbiz614

    iHub Global hotspot miners available NOW! - USA ONLY

    If anyone in the US has been considering joining iHub Global for the passive crypto opportunity to mine Helium (HNT) from home, NOW is the time to join because the company has/had 19,000 miners to deploy in January 2022, they are down to somewhere around 7,000 left so if you have thought about...