stop loss

  1. Lens1000

    How to avoid losses when trading on crypto market

    Traders who are unsuccessful usually enter a trade without any crypto trading strategies, nor the idea of knowing when to sell for a profit, and how much loss they are willing to risk Unsuccessful trader trade on crypto market on instinct. You should calculate the expected returns as it will...
  2. Razor1911

    Trading Discussion What is a margin call and how to avoid it.

    Most of the traders who newly joins the market, doesn't have clear idea about how the forex market works. Many such traders face losses due to their inexperience and ultimately quits forex market after that. But gaining knowledge is very much important, and it's a continuous process. The most...
  3. I

    Stop-loss is an essential factor

    Forex is a risky trading market. So, stop loss is an essential factor in trading to control risk. However, it's ridiculous to set the stop loss very close. Traders should set the stop loss depending on the trading strategy. However, the trader often complains that their broker often misses...