4 Business Ideas With High Success Rates


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Want to start a business but are afraid of failure, then look no further and start a business in one of the following niches. These businesses have a very high success rate.

Laundry Service: This type of business has a 95 percent success rate over the period of 5 years. This is also a recession-proof business because no matter what, people always want to clean their clothes.

Self Storage Facility: These are the warehouses where individuals and businesses can store their items. It has been reported that Self Storage Facility has a success rate of 92 percent.

Transportation Business: This is another business niche that has a very low failure rate. This business is booming with the emergence of e-commerce (because they need transportation to move their products). They have 76 percent success rates.

Vending machines: This business can be started for 3k to 5k USD. You can just buy vending machines and install these machines in the places where a large number of people visit. They have a success rate of 90 percent.