4 Things You Shouldn't Do To A Hungry Stomach


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You are what you eat, and today am going to share with you 4 things you shouldn't do when you have an Empty/ hungry stomach.

1. Drinking alcohol- With an Empty Stomach, the absorption rate of that alcohol becomes twice as fast and this means you will become twice drunk. This damages your heart and your kidney

2. Drinking Coffee- Even decaffeinated coffee will stimulate the production of acid and might cause alot of digestive track issues if drunk on an Empty Stomach.

3. Taking anti-inflammatories- Taking medicine on an Empty Stomach is not a advisible because it makes you weak and causes severe health problems like gastric bleeding.

4. Chewing Gum- Chewing a gum makes your body systems assume you are eating, so the stomach will prepare gastric acid which destroys the stomach lining and you will end up having gastritis. Even on full stomach, chew the gum for only 10 minutes