5 Steps How to Make Your Affiliate Earnings a Business

Looking for a business to build without creating product and starts immediately with zero monetary cost? I suggest affiliate earnings. Many people still fail in making affiliate earning as their business because they don't know the right way how to do it. If you choose to build affiliate earning as your business and want to avoid mistakes, here are the basic steps:

1. Pick a niche.

You will not earn much promoting product to wide audience. Pick a niche (a group of people) and study their preferences, passion and buying appetite. For start, look at listed categories available in web directories, eBay, discussion forum, blog directories, articles directories or Yahoo Answer to get some sparkling idea on picking up a niche.

2. Identify problems that niche suffers.

People in that niche may look for some information on how to do something, how to improve their skill, how to solve their problem and how to get in touch with the confusing stuff. If you can spot this, you are golden. List their problem.

3. Create a landing page.

Develop a free e-Book and its content derived from list you got in step 2. Write various solutions to help them settle down the problem. Use simple words. Make your e-Book has 17 to 27 pages. You can also produce series of e-Book, for example volume 1, volume 2 or volume 3. Make sure its content is very useful.

4. Collect many emails, as many as possible from this niche.

Buy an auto res-ponder account from Get Response or Aweber. Put its opt-in form on your landing page. Attract visitors from the niche into your landing page. Give the e-Book away in return for their email in the opt-in. After that, do your best to attract their trust. Make them your friends!

5. Offer solution in shape of useful info and product recommendation.

Educate people in your list. Send out 1 kind message per day to each email. They will surely appreciate your info and your free e-Book they got after giving their email. After 5 or 7 email messages, suggest products you have registered as an affiliate. Explain the benefit in each of your message so you will not run out of ideas in writing auto res-ponder message.

They will not hesitate to buy it from you, because they trust you! In the future, you can sell anything onto this niche again and again. If you follow these guides on by one and you do 5th step consistently, you can earn affiliate commission even you are not promoting it heavily.

Many successful affiliate use this trick to generate profit, it may take several days to build up depending on the niche you're choosing. However, it earns you affiliate revenue continuously.


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This is a very comprehensive article. going into affiliate marketing can be challenging but with the right information you can be successful at it. Picking a niche is one of the most decisive decisions for an affiliate marketer. if you go into a good niche you will definitely succeed. Solving a problem is also very important.


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There is no way one can employ all these steps without making reasonable money from affiliate marketing programs. The very best thing is that the poster still took his time to itemize those steps in the order of their importance. A niche that someone picks makes it possible to identify the right audience.


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You must be very good at copywriting and email Marketing in order to make consistent income using this method. You can just build list and keep bombarding them with affiliate offers. Overtime majority of the subscribers are going to opt out of the list. It is necessary to nurture the subscribers so as to win their trust before you promote anything.


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I don't really know but I believe that email marketing is no longer effective as it used to be .most affiliate marketers now are concentrating in advertising their affiliate product and link on social media like Instagram because that is the only way they can be able to reach out to a large number of people who might be interested in this product.


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Thanks for these tips you have posted, really appreciate, I use to get scared of affiliate marketing but with your posts and tips I think I should be able to tackle this affiliate of a thing. I think I even need to improve more on my Copywriting skills as well.


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My advise for people who ever wants to start affiliate marketing is to choose less competitive niche. this will enable them to rank a lot of keyboard on the front page of Google and receive massive organic traffic in return. You must also do keywords about commercial intent search phrase. This will help you to make money with Amazon associates program.