A Blog can Change your Life


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Start a blog, it may change your life. It can help you leave your day job if you so wish, you can work whenever you want, from wherever you want, and in whatever way you want.

And, what is said above is just the beginning of the long list of benefits that blogging has to offer. You have to dive into it and see it for yourself.

It can help you to earn money or even change or leave your full-time job. And, what is more, it does not take much time or money to maintain and keep a blog running.


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It is true that blogging can change someone's life in a positive way. Blogging gives someone to live internet life style and work from anywhere in the world once you have you laptop and internet connection.

Blogging comes with lots of benefits that are immense. In fact, a study show that blogging is one of the fastest way people can become a millionaire working online.

One of the benefits of blogging is that it helps to improve writing skill and becomes more creative with words. Blogger think of what his or her audience wants and tune his writing style to their satisfaction.

Blogging gives someone more chances to meeting people in your niche. This often happen when the big names in your niche organize a live events. This gives you opportunity to network with other and open up more potential.
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Blogging literally changed my life. My first start trying to make money online I built an affiliate marketing websiteand when my daughter saw it she asked if I was going to publish a blog. I told her I didn't know the first thing about blogging and did not have the confidence. To which shes replied “Oh mom! It's easy! It would probably help you sell your products. Besides, most websites have blogs.” So then I did research on how to create a blog and started one. After that, I never looked back. I just kept finding more and more ways to improve my blogging skills. I do have to say that when Google approved my first blog for Ad Sense, I felt validated. It was like 'An external party thinks that my blogging is a legitimate effort.'


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I started my proper writing with Blogger and then with WordPress, however both were unsuccessful, WordPress got me some visitors but only spam comments, while blogger was not providing much result, ye I found blogger was easy to use. I did not encounter any life changing strategy with blog,, forget the earning money from it. But every start makes you learn something, so I learned few steps to use a site, templates, pages, plug-in etc, that will help to develop a site later.