About Zipmex Token


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Zipmex (ZMT) is a token that runs on the Ethereum network (ERC-20), is a native token exchange Zipmex launched on Dec 17, 2020. Zipmex is a crypto exchange based in Singapore, and was founded in 2019. ZMT token aims to be a service facilitator and products on Zipmex. ZMT is one of the utility tokens created to enhance and promote the Zipmex ecosystem. If you are a Zipmex exchange user, of course there will be very benefits such as discounted transaction fees for buying and selling assets, Earning high daily interest when staking or storing ZMT tokens in the ZipUp 8% and ZipLock 14% features, Of course, the increasing volume of ZMT tokens will continue to propagate to new highs in the future. Currently the price of Zipmex ZMT token is $1.85, Market Cap $111.86 million. Max Supply 200 million ZMT. The predicted price of Zipmex ZMT token is $4.00 For a year (Oct 2022).


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The token you talked about above there has a very bright future. But the only thing is that people don't really like any coins or even token that runs on the same block chain with ethereum. This is because of the high gas fee of the ethereum. Aside this, it is a cool project.