Benefits Of Cinnamon


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Cinnamon has been used for over 4000 years and was used as an anointing oil and below is it's benefits;

1. It cures Acne- Mixture of cinnamon and honey cures skin acne. Mix together cinnamon and honey and put on your face as your face mask and it will cure acne.

2. Beneficial for diabetes- Suppliments with cinnamon is effective as just taking any diabetes dug.

3. Improves energy levels- Helps in balancing insulin levels which is very effective at helping out your hormones which is turn keeps your body sugar stable and helps in glucose tolerance factor (GTF)

4. Helps To cure Candida- Cinnamon shows to be one of the top 4 herbs in the world that helps your body to reduce the chance of urinary tract infections as well as calming down candidiasis and yeast infections in the body.