Bitcoin price struggling at $40,000 ahead of new week

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After falling by $6,000 during a few days, bitcoin tried its hand at $40,000 all over again however to no avail. Most altcoins have stalled since yesterday with little-to-no movements, aside from Monero, that has marked a sizeable increment.

Consequently, the cryptocurrency fell below $39,000 for recent time in 5 days. It bounced off at the start and neared the desired $40,000 line hours later however was stopped there.

In the past many days didn’t go well for the first cryptocurrency. The plus had recovered all losses that came once Russia invaded country of Ukraine and even went towards new monthly highs.

This resulted in sound $45,000 on few of occasions, however the bears stepped up once the second and pushed BTC south.

As of now, BTC struggles around $39,000, and its market capitalisation has remained well below $750 billion.

After the recent roller-coaster, most various coins have calmed currently. Ethereum went from marketing to $2,200 to prodigious $3,000 days later before retracing back to around $2,600 wherever it’s presently set.

Binance Coin, Ripple, and Polkadot ar slightly within the inexperienced, whereas Solana, Cardano, MATIC, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu have lost some traction since yesterday.

Monero is among the few assets with spectacular worth will increase as XMR is up by seven-membered and sits on top of $170.


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Omo I don't really have time to read the price chart and to even observe the movement of bitcoins because I'm just concentrating on so many important thing offline, I have even close up my binance app for now because I cannot just Withstand that all cryptocurrency has dropped rapidly to a point that even your investment would depreciate by 50%.

I can only be able to open my binance app when I am very sure the market was improve and only when I see the price of bitcoins at 50,000 dollars . But for now I don't just want to deal with cryptocurrency since I do not really have the money to invest more

It was even predicted that the price of bitcoins will seriously depreciate this year and that is exactly what is happening , so probably a lot of expert in the crypto space most have understand that the year will be full of bear market and probably they have sold out their available cryptocurrency hoping to buy it at the lowest bottom as possible .

This could have been the best time for me to invest more but I do not really have the money to invest .