Bitcoin's Price Drop & Network's Higher Difficulty


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Bitcoin's hashrate stays high after the organization saw the mining trouble arrive at a record-breaking high of 26.64 trillion on January 20, 2022. That day, the organization trouble change calculation (DAA) expanded 9.32% and the following DAA age is set to change in 11 days.

The last change makes it significantly harder for excavators to find a bitcoin (BTC) block appropriation and more troublesome than any time in recent memory during the most recent 13 years. Another snag bitcoin excavators confronted this previous week is the way that BTC's value shed 17.9% in the course of the last week.

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I am afraid that the price of bitcoin continues dropping down and down until reaching 10000 $ or 5000 $ by the end of 2022, I hope the drop of the price of cryptocurrencies, in general, is temporary and not permanent to avoid such kinds of situations that could happen easily if the price continues decreasing.


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Today is the best moment to invest in Bitcoin, I'm sure there are no people believing it will fully crash :) Anyway, there are those who want to keep all financial operations in secret. Then you can try Crypton no KYC decentralized exchange as it listed Bitcoin recently So now it can be traded fully anonymous from any country.