Can high page rank help website?



Can high page rank help to boost my website or i will need to have good content?


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Although a high page rank can help boost your website, good content is what will make your website popular and sustaining. People can tell what is quality information and what is not, so it would be advisable to produce really good content that keeps people coming back and interacting with your site.


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I agree with the above poster. A good page rank might encourage people to come to your site, but unless your content is also good, you are not going to have them stick around. It is important to take the time to put good content on your site, because otherwise people will come to the site, see nothing of value and then leave again. So, page rank is important, but good content is key.


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Good contents always makes the visitors of your website interested. So always give that to the readers of your website. Another option is to make your website pleasing to the audience, like for example make it up-to-date to the trends in design, make it user-friendly for them to navigate and understand your contents easily. Add interactive features on your website for users also have fun conversing with other users.

Linnea Sandel

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A good page rank will encourage the visitors to come on your website and it will boost your website effectively. If I talk about good content that will make your website popular. Now it's very clear that the page rank is so important but the best content is the key of it and I guess it is done by the good content and keywords.