Capital as an important factor of production


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Many businesses or companies cannot be properly established without the availability of capital. Now capital is the first initial amount available to you or budgeted by you to start up your business or company. But with the importance of capital to your business that shouldn't always be the barrier to starting your own business or company.
Furthermore, people often enter into the right business with the wrong initial capital, you can't start a business which is suppose to proceed with an initial capital of maybe $100 dollars with less. Because by so doing you are not well prepared to overcome any challenges that may later occur in the business.
So before starting any business man sure that you have the proper capital to run that business, so as to avoid closing down or running into bankruptcy.


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In my native land there is this popular saying that when we money is not around, everything will have to be suspended till further notice, it is actually true because money will dictate what type of business you will do and how large it is going to be. Capital is this very important when starting any business.


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In another thread I have posted about the importance of capital as part of the trio - Land, Labor, Capital. Without capital there is no business to speak of because you need money to run a business. Even a small retailing store or a kiosk by the road side you need capital to buy the products that you are going to sell.


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You have told a very true word. Capital is really the first and foremost thing for starting any successful business. Without having proper money along with an accurate management, you cannot run a business. Taking a little amount of money like $100 or less, you can really fall into trouble. To speak the truth, you have to think of capital significantly to face an excellent business.