Chrome web browser or operamini, which do you prefer and why?


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Operamini is a lightweight web browser that consumes very little data when surfing the internet, hence many people prefer using it. However I prefer using chrome because of few reasons,

I like the chrome app on my Android phone because like Android, Chrome is a Google product, which means the two technologies can be expected to grow together and remain compatible.

Some people says they prefer firefox, well actually firefox is completely numb and buggy. Opera, firefox, uc browser this all are very much slower in front of chrome. O.K one and only faster browser than chrome is Puffin, but this one is very sticky and ugly user inerface.

Those are some of the reasons why I prefer using chrome web browser, however what we like differs from an individual to another, so please kindly share with us which one you prefer or any other web browser that is not listed in this post.


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Although I have both Google chrome browser and opera mini browser on my phone but most of the time I do prefer to use the chrome brother browser because to me it is widely-recognised than opera mini and even faster than opera mini and apart from that it was a built in application on my phone unlike a prominent that I will have to download.