Competition in the Market


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On competition in the market are the demand for the offered goods or services, the location of the business, as well as on the price category and purchasing power of potential customers.

But there are general characteristics of each of the lines of business, by which one can judge the period of their payback and average profitability. You have to consider the most popular ideas for starting your own business.

Trade as a direction involves the sale of different kinds of goods to consumers. Selling items such as food, medicine, household items, auto parts, clothing and other goods can be profitable.


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As long a kind of business is profitable thee will always be competitive, a businessman worry should be on being on top of the competition, so he can get as much sale as possible, to do that he/she will have to provide quality goods or services which ever the case may be, and at an affordable price.


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In order for a business to succeed you must ensure their is faor competition rather than high competition. It is ethical for a business to engage in fair competition with other competing businesses. Business should avoid giving false information about competitors products in the market and in promotional materials such as billboards this might bring wars between the competitors. Therefore you should always focus on your products to be of good quality and quantity. Fair prices, etiquette plus good services and you'll keep up with the competition.