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Having trouble finding where to buy crypto currency? The past 6 years I have used a number of different exchanges and although, they are all unique in their own way; here are a list of my top crypto exchanges out there right now...


Binance US


Please leave comments on how you feel about my top crypto exchanges. Feel free to share yours and explain why. Noticed how I did not list coinbase here. Well, I have a lot to say about this exchange, and there is not one single positive thing I could say regarding coinbase as a whole. Just a little taste of what's on mind.. Very high fees,
servers always crashed and little to no explanation as to why they disable trading on some assets for days. I am very unhappy with the way I have been treated by this company and I WILL NEVER USE THIS EXCHANGE AGAIN!!!


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Presently I heard is actually facing some scam issues from online fraudsters which is really making this company lose a lot of money, how do someone gets to explain such action because it is beginning to sound like they are not competent enough to secure people’s investment with them and in little time, you will start seeing people withdrawing their money and coins off their platform because they will be feeling like they are not safe, what if they get so destroyed that they can’t refund all the money laundered from them, their customers will be thinking different sort of negative things.