Cryptocurrency as a Payment


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Recently, the Coinbase cryptocurrency was included in a public offering on the NASDAQ. This moment is a big step in the effort to make cryptocurrency widely accepted as a payment system. However, how strong is the future of cryptocurrencies for cross-border payments?

Entering the market with a valuation of over $76 billion, Coinbase is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. There is nothing wrong with Coinbase currently providing the greatest opportunity for the success of cryptocurrencies more broadly around the world.

When it was founded in 2012, digital currency was still dominantly used as an illegal online payment. But now, currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum have become increasingly popular as trading assets for large number of investors.


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Crypto was adopted first, or created early on with the reason of serving as a payment gateway. That's one of the reasons of Satoshi Nakamoto when he created BTC late 2008. It created it to process transactions faster in a decentralized pattern. But this days it has changed from being a payment gateway to serving as a means of investment.


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I have a very strong conviction that crypto currencies will certainly be the new world order bill, there are strong indications that crypto currencies will one day be used as a legal tender globally. For now it is still facing some sought of resistance because the world powers are been threatened and they feel they might lose control when money becomes finally decentralized.


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One thing to consider perhaps is the volatility of cryptocurrencies. If I am a business owner, I would probably cannot entertain the thought of having crypto as a payment unless I am a cryptocurrency investor. It would be difficult on my part if the price keeps on fluctuating. Though I still don't understand how they will implement this. Let's hope for the best.