Do You Have a WordPress Site? Make Sure To Use These Plugins


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WordPress sites are customized through plugins. If you have a WordPress site, make sure to use these plugins.

An SEO plugin is a must for WordPress sites. There are numerous choices but I recommend Yoast or All in One SEO. You can use one of these SEO plugins to improve Search engine ranking for your site.

Jetpack, a plugin from the developer of WordPress, is another important plugin that you should be using on your WordPress blog. Jetpack is a multipurpose plugin, you can track your traffic among many things. Jetpack also allows you to use WordAds, the monetization program for WordPress websites.

Your WordPress site also needs a security plugin. One security plugin that I find very useful is called Wordfence Security. Wordfence is an Anti-virus, Firewall, and Malware combined in one. This plugin allows you to track your traffic and keep track of unauthorized activities on your site.


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What I have is blogger website which is definitely free for now but on the long run I will upgrade it. I tried opening a WordPress website before but it was not customisable as I want it to be and the mode of using it was not to my test. Meanwhile this plug-in you are talking about what is it also supported in WordPress free websites?.


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I own a wordpress free hosted website, i created it in 2019 but due to lack of funds generation made me dump it when the domain and hosting plan expired. I'm trying to enter into self hosted wordpress blog where I'll be able to use AdSense monetization option to earn from when my blog is up to the standard i craved for.