Do you know you can earn money on fiverr as a graphic designer


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Graphic design is a job that is not very much given attention in a place like Nigeria simply because a lot of people think that it does not pays good, and then again, they do not believe that you get to have clients to attend to regularly which will definitely slow down the rate of one’s income. All it takes not to fall a victim of such predicament in this line of work is to be smarter than the rest that does it, think smart, just apply a way to attract customers more and this is where the idea of fiverr comes in. This particular site is a platform where people that are into jobs like selling of ebooks, article writing, web design, graphic design and all sorts uses in other to gain more clients to work for, on this website, it gives you rate the more you get reviews from the people you work for, this is what gives the new people that are about to patronize you that you are defined good at what you do. Which also means, The higher the ratings, the more customers you get and this leads to more income. I know of some people that uses this and get paid for up to $400 on a job.


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If you have professional-level skills in any area, subject, or niche, you can make money on fiverr. Graphic designing and writing are the most common skills that people have. It is very difficult to make money if you are a writer or graphic designer as there is a lot of competition.


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You can make money as a graphic designer in Nigeria but there a lot of things you really need to consider ,most Nigerians sometimes may not really want to master their own areas of concentration perfectly to a point of know everything . There are a lot of areas in graphic design that a successful graphic designer must have a good understanding on all of them. It is not just about designing a logo and graphic. It is expected that you should also go into the advance area of graphic design such as motion graphics, UI and UX.. you must learn them all.


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Graphics designer is common among people and you may not get an order from Fiverr or other freelancing job. Try to do different, check yourself, in which thing you are expert of, and than apply it on fiverr by making fiverr gig with nice banner and description.


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Fiverr is a very good platform where you can earn a lot of money as a freelancer. The authority earnestly welcomes the activists who are real freelancers having certificates. Writing and graphic designing are the greatest attractions in many freelancing sites, especially in Fiverr. Once upon a time, I applied to that Fiverr and became member. But now, I am not working there at all. People say that Fiverr is a good platform to earn money.​


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Most cogent skill set can definitely fetch you money on Fiverr.....So far it's a skill they sought after, you would be smiling to the banks. But i believe to be successful at Fiverr you need different skill sets not only one. If you are good at so many things, you would be getting jobs steadily.