Do you turn off your VPN before accessing your crypto wallets?


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Just this month, our government decided to suspend Twitter and one cannot access Twitter unless through a reliable VPN.
This has made a lot of us to always have our VPN turned on since we always visit Twitter to get updates about current happenings and also to relax.

However, I am beginning to read some warnings lately about the risk involved in using a VPN to access one's crypto currency wallet.
A mentor in a trading group I'm a member of told us that binance could ban our accounts if they realized that we are making use of VPN to access it since VPN tends to change one's IP address often.

What do you think about this? Have you ever got your account suspended for using a VPN to access it?


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ever since they banned and suspended Twitter from operating in our country I have never used a VPN to access it because I don't really have much thing to do with Twitter only concentrate in paid to post site and I also concentrate on my digital trading. the Nigerian government are just trying to make things difficult for her citizen


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You can use this trick:
Make a browser with VPN like for example Opera or Brave are offering free VPN.
Make a browser with no VPN like Netbox.
When you connect to websites you surf with Netbox and when you switch to Twitter you login with Brave or Opera.
Life is easy so why complicate it?


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I think you might face problems if you use VPN and use crypto wallets like Coinbase because Coinbase takes security very seriously and they also track your IP address, so if they ever notice any big chnage in IP address through VPN, then they might block your account to some extent or demand you to verify your account by sending a code to your email. I do not think other cold wallets do the same thing.