Do You Use Sponsored T-Shirts To Advertise Your Company?


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We have been using various methods to advertise our businesses. We hire salesmen who would promote our products by directly approaching the customers and we would also use television to advertise our products. I have seen that many companies also print their ads and their logos on the shirts of their employees and they also distribute free shirts to general people in order to advertise their businesses. I have also received many shirts from such companies in the past. In fact, even many banks are also making their own shirts with their logos attached on shirts and I have received one such kind of shirt in the past. I think if you make many people wear the same cloth, then such kind of similar clothing will certainly catch the attention of many people because we normally see many different people wear different clothing. But when we see many people wear the same kind of T-Shirt, our brain notices that. Nevertheless, do you think that using sponsored T-shirts is a great way to attract customers? many big brands such as McDonald's and Amazon also have their own shirts.


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I have seen different company using that system of marketing to advertise to the general public by using that marketing strategy.
T- shirt can be wear to any where for the people to see things written on it and started patronising the company.
I think that method always look like the company is generous to the public by given them free T - Shirt but at the same time its a way if marketing there product.


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I am not selling T shirts but I am thinking about selling T shirts with from my store. If sales picks up, I will be offering the same service to my clients. I have some clients who promote their businesses and products through my site, if I advertise their companies on my t shirt and manage to generate sales, I think I can make money in two ways.


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When I was younger, I love to wear T-shirt that has something written on it. Some of these T-shirt have companies name and I feel as a big boy wearing such shirt, sometimes I claimed that the gave it me.
This a very strategic for sales. I was been used for advertising of their products free. Infact I'm available to wear company T-shirt and get paid. I'm available