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I found out about interesting platform lately called "". This guys are connecting a professional sports bettors with users that want to make some extra money. Any person that is good in sports betting can register as a consultant and make picks for sell. Other people can buy them and bet using this advice.

A whole trick here is that consultant cannot create multiple picks for the same game and also all statistics of consultants are public. So before buying anything just make sure that you go to consultants page and check their past picks to see how they are doing on sport you are interested to go with.

Also there is a messenger you can use and talk to consultant before working with them. Just to make sure those are real people and not some bots that are doing random picks online. This platform looks interesting and innovative, so it you find a good consultant you can make a decent amount of money consistently.


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I believe, there are actually about three major factors to be considered before you can make money from betting or sport:
  • The 1st may appear really apparent however, you really need a betting strategy that provides you with a real advantage over the bookmakers.
  • The 2nd level of quality is that you simply need to have the right attitude for the task
  • The 3rd quality demands that your approach has to be business-like all the time. You have to apply exactly the same levels of dedication to betting which you would apply to your own normal full-time job.


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Well, it just really depends what you are doing. If you take betting as an adventure and want to see how good you are, then yes you need to be a good at sports. But if you consider sports betting as investment, then you need to find someone that is good at it and invest some little money and just follow their bets.


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I'm not really interested in making money from sport because I think the only way all the best way to make money from sport is by betting which is gambling, I don't engage myself in playing gambling because my parents want me about such also I lost a huge amount of money by doing that so I decided not to do that again, you can also make money fromsport by opening a shop in which you subscribe your dstv in order to stream a live match for people to watch when they come inside your shop to watch the match ustream they will pay you your money by this way you're making your money from sports.