EQO Tokens are designed amazingly well


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Hi all – I am a former professional gambler, I specialized in exploiting free bets, rake back, rebate, commission structures and points systems for profit. Both in live and internet casinos.
After a conversation with some buddies I turned my eyes to the crypto world and have been reading as man of the Exchange Token white papers as I can – given they’re basically the frequent flyer miles of the cryptoverse….

… and I’ve found something I think everyone is sleeping on. Like any good hype train, the more the merrier.

The EQO token on eqonex.com is amazing. Check out the white paper.

Every day a set number of tokens (15,800 up until June 25, then 13,100 for the next 90 days, and then so on… for each block of 90 days until April 2023) is distributed to everyone “staking” the token on eqonex.com. But right now, there is only 10ish Million tokens in circulation (growing by 105,400 until June 25, then 52,700 for the next 90 days, etc…), so the yield you get is insane, and it doesn’t matter how many of us start buying these tokens. The same amount get’s sent out.

You can check my math by reading the white paper, but if you bought 1000 EQO tokens TODAY (June 20) by July 20 you’d have received 40 tokens in staking rewards. That’s a 4% yield in 30 days, and that’s on top of the fact that there’s about to be less of these available from June 25th.

Unfortunately, the staking is worth a little less as time goes by, but even still if you bought TODAY you would make over 20% yield in the next 12 months.

I’ve piled in a bunch of money already – of the EQO Tokens you can see in my account, about 35,000 of them have come from staking rewards. I started buying in May……

I'm not allowed to post links yet - but here's a screenshot of my holdings - https:// ibb.co/S3P0WvH

OK, so why are EQO valuable?

The usual buyback and burn, fee reductions, cheaper services etc… BUT the price comparison on these is huge. The fees rates you can achieve totally makes up for the spreads (small exchanges, what ya gonna do? Sorry eqonex team).

Again, you can check my math at the sites fee pages, but in order to pay the same 0.0030% fee on Perp Taker trades you can get if you hold 50K EQO tokens (cost today maybe 65K USD) you’d have to buy about 200K USD worth of BNB Binance coins while doing 300m of trade volumes to achieve that level of feed. Same goes for FTT on FTX, you’d have to have 100K or more while doing 50m volumes to get down to 0.003%.... EQONEX does not even charge fees on Maker trades.

Google the FTX and Binance Fee pages. Check it out.

Because of this, I leant my friend 50K EQO so that he could trade his market neutral strategies at insanely low rates.

Later in the year (allegedly) Eqonex.com will have borrowing and lending as well, and the white paper shows power ratios that imply holding EQO could make the yields you get on lending Bitcoin ridiculously good. I am curious to see what happens here given how aggressively priced their fees are.

I’m totally, shamelessly, shilling this token. I own a bunch of it, and I think you should too.

I am going to post this information on:
• bitcointalks.com
• Satoshi street bets
• Trendri.com
• Altcoinstalks.com
• Cryptointalk.com
• Etc
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