Faucetshib.io Review: Scam or legit?


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What's Faucetshib.io?
Faucetshib.io is a faucet site that rewards Shiba Inu tokens, Faucetshib.io domain name was just registered yesterday Oct 13, 2021 and launched immediately. Faucetshib provides 3 types of faucets that can be claimed every first hour (60 minutes) for free which will get rewards of 50 SHIB. Second, pay 200000 SHIB and will get a reward for every claim of 416.66 SHIB. Third, pay 2600000 SHIB and will get a reward of 6319.44 SHIB for every claim.

Referrals Program
Faucetshib will give a commission of 7% from every referral who buys or upgrades to a paid faucet.

Minimum Withdrawal
Litecoin 0.01 LTC
Ethereum 0.006 ETH
Dogecoin 10 DOGE
Shiba Inu 20000 SHIB

How to register
How to register is very easy you just need to visit the site: https://faucetshib.io
Click Register
Fill out the form
Click Register and you can immediately claim SHIB.

Faucetshib.io Review
There are several irregularities on the faucet site that I have encountered so far, the first is claiming a paid faucet or upgrading membership. Second, there are already 10 paid members (payment proofs) and the site has paid $155.40. Sounds too good to be true.