Features of Disability Insurance


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The essential features of a best value disability insurance policy should have.

Guaranteed Renewable Option It means an insurer cannot change or cancel a policy, as long as the premiums are being paid. However, the insurer has the right to increase the premium rates.

Return of Premium If no claims are made within the specific period mentioned in the policy, then this feature will provide refund of a part of the premium amount.

Partial Disability Benefits The insured is allowed to work part time and recieve partial benefits, if he/she has become partially disabled, but are still able to work.

Additional Option for Purchase in Future It guarantees right to purchase additional coverage only upto a specified age, without undergoing a medical underwriting again.


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Just learning about the features that characterize the disability insurance policy which I think there are not bad especially for the partial disability benefits. I like the idea where one can still benefit from working even when partially disabled. With this kind of situation it will be very bad to register with a scam company