For the retired persons, travel as often as you can


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I had read in a newspaper column an advice to the seniors to travel as much as you can. It’s not exactly going abroad but domestic travel can also give you a good time especially when you have no more obligation like a job.

Going to other places give us good memories especially now that we have the pictures and videos. I know of some elders who review the gallery of their phones when they have nothing to do. It is nice to recall the travels with the family, with relatives and with friends. It is just unfortunate that we are still in the pandemic era and traveling, whether going abroad or a local travel, is too difficult with the protocols against covid.


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You just reminded me of a long time dream that I will want to achieve even as I grow older. I. Want to travel round the world. It. Is a good way of still getting strong with moving from one place to another. So yeah I support your assertion, retired persons should have this in place so that they can remain healthy and strong at retirement


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Some retired person choose to contunie work it is not required that they work in their domain but even open a shop and sell goods to people however to make traval retired person must have enough budget to travel from a town to another town. Internal travel is good because it let you know you more cultures also have new freinds and also it can help you to not feel yourself alone most of the time. So it is benefical in all cases.