Forex Success Story : A Serious Way to Earn Stable Income 


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Forex Success Story : A Serious Way to Earn Stable Income

If you hear a lot about Forex success stories, when a person starts trading and raises their profits to high heights, you consider them some sort of science fiction or Cinderella tales, and the big numbers surprise you. Especially the kind of traders who started trading only several hundred dollars on their account, and in less than a year, they had more than half a million dollars! We should know more about this very unique issue, and we all want to hear about it from the lips of someone who has done this tremendous achievement.

What did you do before trading and how did you start your Forex career? What was your motivation to make money?

Before I started trading Forex, I was studying in college. A long time ago, I was carrying various applications for my phone from some sites and I saw one, which was called “online profits”. I downloaded it and saw a lot of different numbers, which were replaced each other very quickly and swelled, and I could say that I did not understand something in situ but I became interested in it, and began to look for more information about it in the Internet. I learned very quickly and in about two weeks I opened a real account with the Foundation IQ Option, I started my first transaction for 150 $

How long did you need to study the basics of trading before you start making stable profits?

My field study was very fast, but I started to show stable profits (meaning really stable) in the fall of 2018. The first profit after 2 months of study and application after I started trading in Forex, that was my breakthrough in my collection of fortune. However, at that time the profit was not very regular until after a period when it became larger with time, in my first year I did not exceed 55K $ - 60K $ , this was all.

How did you choose IQ Option as your brokerage firm? Why would you prefer it to others?

I have known an institution IQ Option For a long time through some of the debt friends had an account in the company, but basically I chose the institution some traffic on many companies and kneaded because of some advantages such as the possibility of opening an account with small deposits. I liked this company mostly because of its fast technical support, quick deposit capability, easy withdrawals, and low deductions. I consider it the best company in world and one of the most reliable companies in this field.

Can trading in Forex be the only source of income for human beings in the future?

Yes, this question is being asked by many traders in the world, especially beginners, I say that trading on foreign currencies can be the main source of income for any trader (Forex Trader) provided that it reaches a stage of professionalism and a success rate of not less than 60 Percent of total transactions. I think in this case a trader can give up any other work he does.

This was my experience with Forex

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There are only a few people that really inspire me on my way, I think Ildar Sharipov is one of them. He's a founder of InstaForex and I learned some really useful stuff by examining his persona online. He's also a chess and billiards player: It's really important to play some logical games in order to develop your brain both ways - it establishes a certain mindset that is crucial for successful trading.

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You can make an unlimited profit from the forex market. But there have some conditions. First of all, you have enough knowledge of what should trade and what should not. After that, you need to choose a better broker. A Broker will help you to learn and know what is good for you. They will help you to make a profit consistently. Choosing a wrong broker can be the cause of your huge losses. I am trading with Forex4you. I choose them because they have expert advice, various trading platforms, low spreads, dynamic leverage, fast cash transferring, easy withdraw, and many more facilities. Because of their so many facilities, I can make a profit easily and consistently.
Forex is the most famous and profitable business in the world. It is a very profitable business in the world. Anyone can start trading and earn lot of money from Forex market. A reliable broker, proper guidance, strong knowledge about forex can easily make you earn lot of money. I trade with Eurotrader. They are very reliable broker. They are one of the best broker I have ever worked. They never make disappointment to their client.
Forex is a serious investment market. Those who came to this market as hobby, I don’t think they can survive long. Many losses their saving but few are earning money from forex trading. Trading success need time. So, trader need to wait and learn about the market. I am a forex trader too and I am trading with Eurotrader since 2016. I am mainly focus on learning rather than making profit.

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I am very inspired by your story. Forex Trading Profitable Business. However, to survive in this business, proper money management and risk management should be maintained. If a trader trades without maintaining risk, he will never be a successful trader. To be a successful trader, you have to maintain risk with patience. You can never trade without a plan. Trading journals must be maintained at all times. And do regular meditation.