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Staff member offers forum posting jobs, you get reward to post unique quality non-copied (plagiarism) content on the forums. You will be paid for posting and members can make money for creating new thread, replying post or someone else post in your thread. Every thread or post you create, can earn you rewards, which is equivalent to the US dollar. You will earn $0.08 per thread you create on the forums, while replies earn you $0.06.

Posting Rates:
  1. Thread - Posting a new thread - $0.08
  2. Post - Adding a post to a thread - $0.06
  3. Reply - Someone else posting in your thread - $0.03
  4. Referral - For each referrals you earn - $1
Paid Forum Posting Requirement:
  • Quality - All writers must have good English grammar, only well written Thread and Post are accepted.
  • Thread- Must have at least minimum 100 words to be eligible to earn.
  • Post - Must have at least minimum 80 words to be eligible to earn.
Eligibility & Verification process:
  • User must have posted at least 20 post (This is to checkmate the quality of your post)
How to get started
  • Each post must be well written, accurate, grammatically correct and plagiarism free.
  • Topics need to be unique and have a high Google search friendly.
  • Minimum Payout - $3 and maximum - 10$ via PayPal or (Bank Transfer for Nigerians).
  • Make your Payment Request here
All Categories pays excluding these once:
  1. Health Forum
  2. Buy/ Sell/Trade
  3. Spanish forum
  4. General Topics
  5. Payout related issues
  6. Member Questions, Feedback & Suggestions
👉Number 1 Rules: We will remove credits/earning given for plagiarism (copy & past), irrelevant and duplicate threads that violate the Forum posting rules.

This is a free Word Counter – Count Words and Check Grammar
The frequently ask questions here should be helpful to everyone How to earn from Trendri?
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Obi Ngozi

New member
I am so glad, for discovering this great forum where we can contribute and get paid as a reward for doing so.
I appreciate @Fecoms and the rest of the admins for their awesome service.
I now have $0.03 in my account.

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Have been a member of this forum. I really commend this opportunity given to us. Since we can make money from our activities in the forum. I look forward to request for payment soon.