Getting an Extra Income


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Whether you are saving money to buy a home, planning a wedding, trying to pay off your debts, or just looking for ways to hang out, getting an extra income every month sounds good.

Earning some extra money every month can go a long way. Your day job may help you pay for your daily essentials. But having an extra job can make a lot of difference.

You can get the financial freedom you always wanted. So, you should learn the best ways to earn some extra money every month. Learning how to earn extra money with a weekend or flexi job is important.

Salimo 92

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Yes for sure , I want to earn extra cash .As everyone knows that life has become expensive and expensive so you can buy all the things that will bring you happiness and your family
As a simple employee, I think that the monthly salary we get from the government is insufficient, so I am still constantly searching for good sites that allow me to do so.
I have great hope to invest in some sites that may give me good income , I think that profiting from the Internet is always a good option, but it requires patience and intelligence.


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You making a good point there, but it easier said than done. what if the person has no clue of business to do because it, not all salary earner that is good in business doing and if you are talking about making money online not everybody has access to information on what is paying online.
I agree with you having side hustle will relieve you from the excuse of having exhausted my daily budget expenditure come tomorrow.
Well, everything is about planning.


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It has become very necessary for people to earn extra income, owing to the harsh economic situation currently being experienced as a result of the effects of the covid 19 pandemic. Alot of people lost their jobs, those who had other means of income, had something to fall back on. Therefore the need for people to diver's into other businesses in order to earn extra income. This can be done by way of investing in online businesses, acquiring skills such as baking, fashion designing etc. The needs have become so enormous that there is need to venture into one form of business or the other.


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I am currently on the lookout for a side gig that can help me save up more money as well as help my parents with their finances. I want something that's related to the e-commerce industry, such as eBay or Shopify. I've completed a Shopify course last month hoping to get a better job this year. Also, I'd like to take up a social media management course.


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The importance of getting extra incomes to a person's general well-being cannot be overemphasized, aside your monthly salary or weekly wages, everyone is supposed to have extra means of getting extra incomes because when push comes to shove, our salaries can't truly sustain us as it's always going to be inadequate. Most people are going through pains managing their meagre salaries for month to live by the month, they mostly incurs alot of debts along the way.

Well I was a victim of those kinds of people that used to depends on their salaries for the month, I used to be so broke then, I would be begging for crumbs from my friend and from everyone that I just met just to get little money to get by from them until I get these online jobs that has been paying me for a while now.