Have you ever lost your crypto coin to scammers, is it retrievable?


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I haven't lost my bitcoin to any scammer but I have lost it to a ponzi scheme where I invested and at the end everything crashed out. I lost my bitcoin but not to scammers .I will advise for everyone to secure their wallet with the two step verification and make sure they don't give people unwarranted access to their account or wallet.

We need to always activate the the two factor authentication, this is to make sure that nobody hacks into our wallet and steal our coin. Again we must be careful of kind of offers we accept demanding us to send some coin to them for a service that is not really clear they might be looking for ways of scamming us.

Because I believe as soon as you sent the coin to scammer it can't be retrieved.

What's your view in this?


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I have to a scamming site last 2 years, well I didn’t know about the trick, I played a game and won some money. I was told to get the money I need to pay for the processing fees which wasn’t much to me. I did and that was the end of my bitcoin. I couldn’t retrieve it


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well said brother. i personally, am skeptic with bitcoin and other crypto currencies but withstanding i still know how to find my way around it. Another very important thing you talk about is the two step authentication verification. On a lighter note i will also recommend the use of the Authentication app for verification as some apps/platform those not have