How long does it take you to create a blog post?


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When it comes to writing, I know their are users who are super fast, and can generate their blog article within short time interval, even with researches. I can't fancy myself as a fast writer, I am an average writer, I can't put up 60 words within a minute. Their are bloggers who can put up 60 words within a minute. It can take me up to 2-3 hours to generate 1000 words of unique blog post, couple with research work. Their is no way I can write without going through lots of researches to make the post worthwhile for my readers.

How does it take you to create a blog post in your blog or for an employer?

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Writing a blog post is not easy and it takes lots of time. No matter how fast the person might be when typing, he will still take lots of time to write a blog articles. Because to write a blog article requires doing research and also writing good content articles. So when writing, they are not just writing it from a source and this will make it slow and take few hours to make a blog article.

I could remember when I wanted to write a blog post on 20 ways to make money online. And as I was writing it , I got tired on the way and exhausted. So I had to just reduce the numbers to 5. And already with the 5 ways to make money online that I had written, I had already written more than 700 words. So I was thinking that it will take me more than a day to finish an article as I have used 4 hours already.

So when we are writing our blog articles and to save time. We need to first write down he table of contents of what we are writing. This will make it easier for us and it will also make it easier for our readers also.


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I got your points man, writing isn't an easy job to do, we just have to dedicate more time to it, I understand everything you've said in your own part. I don't own a blog at the moment, because it is demanding than just writing for clients. Because I'll need to do the marketing aspect too, like SEO. But I never written myself off to become a consistent blogger, my crypto trading time never given me chance to focus really on blogging it will take me away from what I'm doing with crypto. Maybe I'll handle the job to a web creator, he or she will do the design, and I'll do the marketing aspect, the hire writers like me when I feel exhausted to write. Sitting for hours to write is exhaustive, it has happened to me, when I was covering content centred on how to use Binance Pay, after the table of contents, I couldn't complete the space, I have to clean them up from the table of contents I made from the beginning. It is like that for done time, their times too where I can cover up to 2,000 words of writing and wanting more. But I can't keep such consistency when it comes to writing.