How to earn money with surveys?


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Have you ever earned money with surveys? I didn't earn any money with this. Whenever I start a search, I have to fill in a lot of personal information and I can never go any further. Does anyone know a way to follow the search?
Surveys are looking for a specific country and people so of you did not fall into their category there is no way for you to go further. You need to do your own research before applying for surveys so has to avoid unnecessary disqualification.


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I could never earn well from survey sites. You will have to give them whatever information they are demanding, without that you cannot go any further in the survey. And if they don't find you as the right candidate for their survey, they simply will disqualify you. There's no special way to answer surveys, we just have to give them every information with all our honesty.


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I have never made any money with surveys because I have never lived in a country where online surveys is one of the primary ways to make money in the world of online world. Surveys are simply not sent to all the countries. They are only for much developed countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, etc. There are a few survey sites for international members but I have not tried them. They might send a few surveys to me, but I am sure that the number of surveys would be too low.


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I am also witnessing the same but I learn most survey site do not allow most African citizens to partake in their survey.


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Infact, people are making real quick money answering surveys. But I have to tell you those people are not from Africa, they are foreign people based either in the United States or UK. People from that regions can make over $5 a day just answering surveys but it's not possible when you are based in Africa. I really doubt if you can be making that much in Africa doing surveys.


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Surveys are nothing but a waste of time especially if you belong to lose countries that do not have direct access to these survey sites. Some sites require that you use VPN. Even the ones without VPN do not have many offers to give to lower countries like mine. I am done with survey sites. I have never made any profit from doing them.

We just play along by filling the information because the data they present to us asking for your honest opinion does not always come from my region except Western countries. Spend your time here than looking for surveys with peanut